WGN announces 3 part “2CW: Year One” series to debut TONIGHT at 9PM CST

CHICAGO: on the heels of announcing 2CW #AllAccess for April 17th, 2CW and WGN announced a special 3 part television series to debut TONIGHT on WGN at 9PM CST entitled “Year One”.


“Year One” will give fans an inside look at what 2014 did for 2CW. Our origins, or growth, our development-and most importantly our fans. This will help new viewers get a feel for what 2CW is about when we debut with Revival on the 18th!

-Jason Parker Olesen


The Premiere Episode of “Year One” will air TONIGHT, March 28th at 9PM on WGN. The show will be hosted by Shawn Matthews and JPO, and will showcase how 2CW formed, and evolved throughout 2014.


Episode 2, which will air on April 4th will feature the rich history of the 2CW Championship-from its inception and capture by John Pariah, to Damian Cole redeeming himself by winning the gold, to Troy Stone claiming the title. The history of the 2CW Championship will be the centerpiece of this episode.


On April 11th-just ONE WEEK before Revival, the Heritage Title will be focused on, showing the rivalry between Riley Owens and Anton Chase-as well as Jason Richards victory to claim the title. This show will also feature a rundown of the Revival card, and act as a final promotional tool for the event on April 18th.


Follow @2CWrestling for more info!




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