2CW #AllAccess Recap



2CW held their first annual #AllAccess fan expo event in Rosemont, IL – just twenty-four hours before their return to the masses, with Revival airing on WGN the following night. The doors opened at 10, and the festivities began shortly thereafter. 2CW competitors John Pariah, Jason Aries, James Silkk, and former competitor Ryan Kidd were all signing autographs for the fans at ringside. And meet and greet tables were set up around the venue.



10:30 AM: Jason Parker Olesen welcomed the thousands in attendance to 2CW All Access. Ran down the festivities for the day, and did a quick Q&A with a couple fans in attendence. He also brought out Jimmy Peters, a Child who will be ringside for Revival tomorrow night, thanks in part to Make A Wish.



11:00 AM: John Pariah and James Silkk came out for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event. The questions all came from the fans. The two told road stories from the PWX days. A hilarious story involving Darin Zion, a tub of butter, lots of alcohol, and a stuffed moose. Allow your imaginations to run wild with that one kids. James also revealed that his bands new EP, entitled “Daring Truths” would be available digitally on Tuesday, but fans could buy a physical copy – with a limited pressing of 3000, signed by the band right now at his table. He also confirmed that John Pariah has a guest spot on the EP, on the song “The River”, and Lillith Morgan is featured on the track “Bury Me”. John also said his animated Batman film has been delayed, due to the controversy surrounding the Killing Joke homage cover to Batgirl #41. John is of course voicing Batman in an animated rendition of “The Killing Joke”.



Lillith Morgan & Willow LaCrox def Nikki Lee & Michelle Tragedy via  pinfall @ 9:28. The match ended with Willow hit “Willows Widow” on Michelle Tragedy to score the pinball after a back and forth contest

Dominic Morgan def James Devlin & Johnny Maggs via pin @ 12:18 in a Three Way Dance. The match ended with the larger Morgan hitting Maggs with a power bomb counter to his hurricanranna, and scoring the pin.

Jimmy Locasto def Shawn Miller via submission @ 13:28 via pinfall in a fantastic back and forth match that saw Jimmy focus on the legs of Miller, before locking in a Figure Four Leg Lock for the submission finish.

Christian Rhodes & Bryan Kross vs CK Money via pin @ 18:03 in a high impact high risk match. Alot of high flying action through-out the match, with the Future Factor scoring the win over CK Money with a double super kick taking out Darrel Kashmere. After that, the duo hit a double power bomb on Cameron Capone to score the victory.


2:00 PM Bad Company – Nighthawk and Jason Aries came out for their AMA.

They shared road stories about their time in PWX. Aries talked about training at the ICONIC Academy. Told Hawk he should come do a few seminars. They corroborated Silkk and Pariah’s story from earlier about Darin Zion. Aries talked about winning the 2CW Championship last year, and compared it to Hawk winning the PWX World Title. Fans asked if Bad Company were going after the 2CW Tag Titles, and of course they said yes.


3:00 PM – Lillith Morgan, Willow LaCroix on Women’s Role in Pro Wrestling.

In what was originally scheduled to be an AMA with Ryan Kidd, Lillith Morgan and Willow Lacroix from the ICONIC Academy, along with her sister Mercedes-who is the current ring announcer for 2CW. They talked about Women’s role in professional wrestling nowadays, and how it has evolved from eye candy to being legitimate competitors. She talked about WWE finally giving Divas the spotlight with NXT, and while she hates the term “Diva” or “Knockout”. Lillith’s exact phrase was “I’m not a Diva or a Knockout. I’m a fucking professional wrestler. I just have a vagina. Deal with it.”. They talked about sexism in the wrestling industry, and how some companies don’t bother to care about their women.




SCARS (Johnny Ajax & Jason Richards) def. Team Wade via pinfall @ 9:03 in a quick tag team bout. They won with a double stomp from Richards onto Syco, and scored a big win before their Three Way Tag Team Match at Revival.

Death By Velocity (Jordan Caliban & Jordan Ciserano) def. Raito Shiba and Takeru Ibushi in a tag team match via pinfall @ 8:10. The match was a solid effort from the young duo of Shiba and Ibushi, who scored a hard running kick to the face of Caliban early on in the match. Ratio hit a springboard DDT onto Ciserano-but failed to score the pin. Caliban delivered a running knee to Raito Shiba, and scored the pin fall on the Golden Dragon. Giving them some solid momentum into Revival.

Grayson Shaw def. Mikal Drakin via pin @ 9:11 in a hard hitting clash of the titans. Shaw dropped Drakin on his head with the End Times-but Drakin was able to roll to the ropes and break it. The match devolved into a wild brawl. Shaw kicked out of a spear from Drakin, and kicked out of a gut wrench bomb. The match ended with a second End Times onto Drakin-which allowed Shaw to pick up the win.

Bad Company (Aries & Nighthawk) def. The First Family (Pariah & Silkk) via submission @ 23:11 in a tremendous match up. Pariah and Aries started the match, and put on a wrestling clinic. Hawk got the hot tag, and twisted and stretch Pariah until he was able to score a tag to Silkk, who went on a high impact offensive. Eventually, Bad Company got the upper hand, and Nighthawk scored the submission victory over James Silkk. Both teams shook hands, and Pariah told the crowd that this was just a taste of how 2CW will REDEFINE wrestling in 2015!




6:00 – AMA with 2CW Tag Team Champions JP Caliban and Jordan Ciserano)

was up next, after a brief intermission. The crowd was hot and firing away with great questions-including how the two got into the industry, and what attracted them to 2CW originally. Their thoughts on their opponents tomorrow night for Revival. How they feel about being the first Champions recognized by 2CW. The best schools to break into business, and many others.



7:00 – AMA with SCARS (Johnny Ajax and Jason Richards)

Ajax and Richards started their AMA by asking the audience how they were doing tonight. Fans asked how SCARS is formed, and what exactly SCARS is. How they felt getting back in the ring earlier tonight, and if they thought they would take Death By Velocity and Bad Company tomorrow. Their favorite teams growing up. What brought them to 2CW, and if Richards was going to be bringing back the Heritage Championship.

At the end of their AMA, Bad Company and Death By Velocity came out, and they all had a stare down-as Caliban and Ciserano held the the tag titles. All six men shook hands as the crowd cheered.



8:00 – AMA with 2CW Champion Troy Stone

The 2CW Champion, Troy Stone came out for his AMA. Completely staying in character for the most part. He ignored certain questions, and only talked about himself. He called himself the greatest champion in the history of the world-the only man to hold the PWX World Championship, and 2CW Championship. During his AMA, he was confronted by Jake Keeton-who demanded he make their match for tomorrow night a Championship Match. Stone pointed out that Keeton hasn’t done a thing to earn a shot at him-much less his title and refused. Keaton vowed to beat Stone, and than do it again to take the 2CW Championship and bring honor back to the title.


9:00 PM: Live Concert from Stone The Pariah

Stone The Pariah is a band fronted by John Pariah, featuring former Dead To Fall members Matt Matara on guitar, and Tim Java on drums. Pariah also plays bass, and Lillith has joined the group as a second guitarist. They did 6 songs, four of them from their debut EP, “Distant Visions”, as well as a cover of A Perfect Circle’s “Judith” and Metallicas “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

9:30 PM: Live concert from SILKK

SILKK, the band fronted by James Silkk-who also plays guitar-as well as former Korn drummer David Silveria, former Kill Hannah members Jonathan Radtke on guitar and Alex Morgensten on bass. They played 8 songs, including a cover of Skid Rows “Youth Gone Wild” to end the show.


11:00 – End of the show – John Pariah, along with Lillith Morgan and John Pariah came out and thanked all the fans who came out tonight. They helped resurrect 2CW, and not only we they see a REVIVAL tomorrow night, but with WGN, 2CW will forever REDEFINE professional wrestling in Chicago!


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