#REDEFINE:003 RECAP – 5-9-15



2CW Returned to the 2CW Arena for WGN, and the third episode of REDEFINE. The road to REvolution: Owyns vs Black is being laid, and the action was non stop as Johnny Ajax put his rivalry to rest with Deron Franklin. Pariah and Shaw finally crossed paths, and the Champions went to battle with the Challengers. Check out the full recap after the jump!





Saturday, May 9th 2015

2CW Arena @ Chicago

A Video recap is shown of last weeks show, featuring the fallout of the both Number One Contenders bouts. The video fades into tonights hype package, calling tonight a “Night of Grudges”, showcasing both Tag Team Matches, and the Last Man Standing Match between Johnny Ajax and Deron Franklin.


The opening video package plays, and we are greeted by Shawn Matthews and Lillith Morgan-filling in for John Pariah tonight as he is scheduled to return to the ring in tag team action. Lilith runs down the card, and we’re immediately sent ringside for the main event.




These two went back and forth in their grudge match, brawling all over the ringside area. The crowd roared as Ajax battled back from initial oppression by Franklin-before dropping him with a hard DDT onto the ring ramp. O’Shay Edwards tried to get involved-but took a super kick to the jaw. Franklin went back on the assault-thanks to that distraction scoring a series of four or five counts on Ajax.

Morgan talked about how tough Johnny Ajax is, as he battled back again-superkicking a chair into the face of Franklin. The crowd roared as he threw him into the crowd, and threw him into a series of chairs-toppling them over like bowling pins to only get a six count. After several minutes of brawling, he dropped him with the Fatality as the crowd explodes with cheers. Ajax scored the ten count, getting the TKO victory in the last man standing match.



As Johnny Ajax celebrates on the stage, “Fight for My Life” echoes over the PA system. The spotlight ends in the crowd, and we see Ryan Kidd standing on stage. Ryan cuts a promo, talking about he is a true superstar amongst the peons of 2CW. As a former 2CW Champion-he deserves to be next in line. He gets it, Ajax may feel that he’s next in line for the title after REvolution. Ajax takes a mic, and responds to Kidd, who says if he wants-he’ll see him next week. The crowd roars as we fade to commercial.



The show returns from commercial, and Shawn Matthews and Lillith Morgan are talking about Ryan Kidds return to 2CW. It was confirmed that he will face Johnny Ajax in his return next week at REDEFINE:004!



The crowd erupted during ICONICs entrance. The match started with Pariah and Drakin. Pariah took control of the match early-out wrestling the Destroyer of Worlds. He delivers a pair of strikes to the back of the head-before suplexing him backwards with a german. He scores a near fall, but Drakin brawls back-and begins to take Pariah down with sheer power. The crowd gets behind ICONIC as Silkk gets a hot tag from Pariah, and Drakin immediately rolls out to the floor-making the tag for his team.


Shawn Matthews reminds the fan of 2CW Tag Team Rules as Silkk turns around as is met with a Black Label Serenade from Grayson Shaw. He lifts him up and continues the assault on Silkk in the corner, before shooting him across the ring. Shaw lifts him up and scores an uppercut as Silkk snaps back and drops to the mat. Shaw drops a knee across the back of his head-and wrenches it back with a cravats-looking at Pariah and smiling evilly. He lifts him up and throws im into the neutral corner, and delivers a running splash in the corner. He steps back toward the ropes-as Silkk stumbles toward his corner, he quickly tags in Pariah, as Shaw immediately flips over the top rope. Pariah goes to the ropes-and than is cut and half by a spear from Drakin as the crowd boos loudly. Drakin scores pin attempt, but Pariah kicks out at two. He lifts him up for a power bomb-and Pariah tries to battle out of it-but gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Drakin hits an over head suplex for another two count. He locks a chin lock into Pariah-who fights out of it-and delivers  a series of chops to the chest. The two exchange blows as Pariah builds up momentum-and shoots Drakin across the ring. Silk kicks him in the back of the head-as Pariah unleashes Mirakuru on Drakin. He looks as Shaw-who steps off the apron and begins walking up the ramp, as Pariah covers Drakin and scores a three count.




After the match, Pariah grabs a mic and calls Shaw out. Pariah challenges Shaw to a match at REvolution. Shaw accepts, and than tells him that once he beats Declan Black next week-he’ll be generous and give Pariah the first title shot at REvolution.



Lillith and Shawn recap what has happened, and they preview the card for REvolution: Owyns vs Black. They announce that Declan Black-assuming he can get past the destroyer that is Grayson Shaw next week-he will defend the 2CW Championship against Jack Owyns. They also announce that the former 2CW Tag Team Champions Death by Velocity will challenge the current champions Bad Company in a 30 Minute Iron Team Match!







2CW Tag Team Champions BAD COMPANY & 2CW Champion DECLAN BLACK


Number One Contenders DEATH BY VELOCITY & Number One Contender JACK OWYNS

The crowd is firmly behind the champions, as Jason Aries and Jordan Ciserano start the match off. Aries starts the action, and he goes behind Jordan and takes him out with a takedown. He floats over to the front face lock-and lifts him up to a knee-driving his knee into Jordans face. He tags in Nighthawk real quick and Hawk delivers a running dropkick to the kneeling face of Jordan Ciserano. Hawk tags Aries back in and drops him with a suplex-as Aries slingshots in, driving his shoulder into the ribs of Jordan.


Matthews talks up how well oiled Bad Company is, as Aries lifts him up and delivers a pair of chops to the chest. He runs the ropes and slides under Jordans legs-all the way to the floor as Nighthawk springboards in and drops him with a bulldog as the Chicago crowd pops. He gets a two count on Ciserano-before picking him up and locking him in a cravate. He snaps Jordan over with a takedown, before kicking him in the spine. He delivers a running dropkick to the back of his head, and get another two count as Caliban breaks the hold up. He grabs Hawk and delivers a pair of forearms, before shooting Hawk into the ropes. Hawk reverses it as Aries catches Calibans leg-and distracts him-allowing Hawk to hit a hard german suplex on the challenger for a two count. He tags in the 2CW Champion Declan Black-who gets a sound reception from the crowd, as he drops Caliban with a DDT and scores a two count of his own. He lifts him up and shoots him into the ropes-but Caliban reverses and sends him into the ropes-as Owyns pulls the ropes down and Black spills out onto the floor. The crowd roars as the 2CW Champion and Number One Contender brawl into the crowd, exchange blows as they vanish into a sea of people. In the right, Hawk and Caliban lock back up-and Caliban drops Hawk with a back drop suplex-scoring a two count. He quickly tags in Ciserano, who slingshots in with a shoulder to the ribs of Hawk, scoring a two count before Aries breaks it up. All hell breaks loose as all four men brawl in the ring.


Lillith calls it anarchy, as Caliban is dropped with Death by Aries by Jason Aries, who turns around and is met from a super kick by Ciserano-who is met with The Deliverance from Nighthawk. The crowd pops as Caliban pops up and super kicks Nighthawk in the back of the head-and climbs the rope, hitting CALIBOOM as the crowd explodes. He scores a three count on Nighthawk.




The crowd roars as Death by Velocity point to the 2CW Tag Titles, and the poster for REvolution.

The camera catches up with Black and Owyns, who are still beating the living hell out of each other up by concessions. Black grabs a can of soda from the vendor-and bashes it into the head of Owyns, who stumbles out of frame. He turns around as Grayson Shaw catches him and hits him with the End Times onto the concrete as the crowd around him boos. The camera fades to credits as Lillith and Shawn hype up next weeks main event


(c) 2015 Second City Wrestling


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