#REDEFINE:004 Recap! Black vs Shaw!



2CW returned for the fourth episode of REDEFINE on WGN. We’re just two weeks away from the live REvolution: Owyns vs Black special-and the road to REvolution kicked into high gear. What happened when the Tag Champions faced their top contenders in singles matches? Or when Johnny Ajax met the former 2CW Champion one on one? Could Grayson Shaw topple Declan Black and become the new 2CW Champion? Check the full recap after the break!






Saturday, May 16th 2015

2CW Arena @ Chicago

The show opened with a video recap of last weeks episode of REDEFINE, showing Grayson Shaw standing over a fallen Declan Black, hyping up the main event for tonight: Black vs Shaw for the 2CW Championship-just two weeks before REvolution!

John Pariah and Shawn Matthews welcomes us to the show, talking up tonights main event, as well as the return of Ryan Kidd as he takes on his SCARS brother in Johnny Ajax.



Back and forth action to start the show off, Aries and Ciserano put on a technical wrestling showcase, with both men exchanging holds back and forth. Aries got the early advantage-delivering a few hard knees before the fight spilled to the floor. Aries dove with a suicide dive and Jordan moved out of the way, causing Aries to crash into the railing. The crowd booed as they brawled around ringside.


Pariah put over both men, saying Aries is a student of the game, and Ciserano is a world class athlete. Jordan nearly took Aries head off, as he delivered a superkick. The crowd gets behind him as he delivers a running elbow off the apron-as the ref orders them back into the ring. He slides Jason into the ring and springboards in with an axe handle. Aries counters with a kick to the ribs-as both men fall to the mat. Aries lifts him up and goes for the Aries Judgement-but Ciserano lands on his feet and shoves Aries into the ropes. He takes his head off with a super kick as the crowd pops. He catches Aries right in the jaw, and goes for the cover – scoring the three count.








Shawn Matthews and John Pariah talk up the previous match, as well as upcoming bout between Nighthawk and Caliban. Pariah talked how both teams are completely fantastic, and two of the best in the world-and he knows something about Tag Team Wrestling. They showed a small video package showcasing these teams rivalry over the last month. They than showed a graphic for the Iron Team Match at REvolution in two weeks on WGN.


The camera cuts back to ringside, where Aries is still motionless in the ring. Medical staff is attending to him-and they quickly cut to a brief commercial break again.




As the show comes back from commercial, we see JPO walking down the hallway, where he is greeted by Brock Whitworth. The two shake hands, and Brock hands JPO a folder, with “contract” written on it. JPO smiles and shakes his hand again, saying “welcome aboard” as we cut to ringside for our second match.



Caliban and Nighthawk were both met positively by the crowd. They shook hands to start the match, and proceeded to put on a technical clinic. The two show off their chain wrestling prowess, and end a series of holds with another handshake to a standing ovation. The crowd continues to cheer as they lock up once more. Hawk shoots Caliban into the ropes-but he connects with a shoulder block and a leg drop across his face for a one count. Caliban locks in a chin lock, and delivers a pair of knees to the back-before shooting Hawk into the ropes again and hitting a leg lariat for another one count.


Matthews puts both men over on commentary. The crowd pops loudly as Caliban lifts him up and delivers a pair of chops-before dropping him with a DDT. He goes for another pin, and scores another one count as the crowd pops. He continues the assault on Nighthawk-sending him spilling off to the floor. He points to him, and than to the crowd before running the ropes and hitting a triple jump shooting star press-crashing into Hawk. Shawn Matthews points out the moves name as OUTGOING!!, ant he crowd pops as both men lay by the entrance ramp. A 2CW chant starts up as Caliban lifts up one half of the Tag Team Champions and delivers an uppercut-sending him reeling into the railing. He follows up with a running uppercut-which Nighthawk tries to counter into a backdrop suplex. He goes to drop Caliban in the front row ringside, but Caliban counters with an Angle Cutter-dropping him ribs first over the railing. He kicks him in the head with a running knee-before propping an open chair up by the railing, and waiting for Nighthawk to make some distance. He runs the chair and leaps at Nighthawk-going for a tornado DDT.


The crowd pops as Hawk blocks it-stepping back and slamming him down to the stage. The crowd roars as he rolls away toward the ring-trying to catch his break and gain some momentum. Both men get to their feet as Caliban runs at Hawk and Hawk hits a drop toe hold-dropping Caliban face first on the mat at ringside. He locks in a leg lock submission, but the ref orders him to break it and get in the ring. Hawk obliges, sending Caliban back into the ring. He slingshots in with a guillotine leg drop-before hooking the leg for the cover and getting a two count. He drops Caliban with the Lakeshore Driver I, and gets another two count as the crowd begins to rally behind Hawk.


He plays to the crowd, setting up for The Deliverance. He waits for Caliban to get to his feet and goes for the move-but Caliban turns around and lifts him up-drops him with an inverted atomic drop. Hawk stumbles back and eats a super kick to the jaw. Caliban yelled “BLAM! MURDERED YOU!” as he goes for the cover and gets a two and a half count. The crowd pops loudly as he sighs and pulls Hawk to the corner, before climbing up the turnbuckle. He hits CALIBOOM – but Nighthawk rolls out of the way. The crowd pops as Caliban crashes onto the mat. Nighthawk stalks him before dropping him with The Deliverance as the crowd pops loudly. Nighthawk rolls him into the cover and scores the three count.



The crowd cheers as Nighthawk holds up the 2CW Tag Team Championship belt.


We cut backstage, where Lillith is walking down the hallway. She is stopped in a doorway by Grayson Shaw. He makes advances on her as she backs away-before slapping him in the face. He goes toward her-but JPO stands between them. He reminds him that while he’s going to enjoy watching his brother defend her honor at REvolution-and that bout WILL be a Fight Without Honor. He understands that Shaw is something of a draw-which is why he’s allowed this title shot to happen tonight. He then adds the caveat that his match with Declan Black is now No DQ. JPO and Lillith walk out of frame, and Shaw smiles, rubbing his face.


They play a video hyping the main event for tonight, which fades into a video hyping the main event for #REvolution-showcasing the 2CW Champion Declan Black, and Number One Contender Jack Owyns. They show a graphic at the end featuring the two, hyping the live REvolution: Owyns vs Black special to air on May 30th on WGN.





We cut backstage, where JPO and Lillith are talking about what happened. A knock on the office door is heard-and JPO lets him in, and Brock Whitworth walks into frame-causing a huge reaction from the crowd. JPO shakes his hand, and hands him his 2CW agreement. Brock scribbles his name on it, and JPO follows-and seals the deal with a handshake, announcing that Brock Whitworth will debut in the 2CW Arena next week on REDEFINE






Kidd and Ajax lock up to start the match, and Kidd goes behind him and shoves him into the ropes-taking him down with a shoulder. He bounces the ropes and leaps over Ajax, who pops up and takes Kidd down with a dropkick. Both men get their feet and Ajax goes for a lariat-but Kidd hooks his arms and goes for a backslide. Ajax kicks out at one, rolling to his feet and kicking Ryan in the face with a dropkick. He covers Kidd and scores a one count of his own, before lifting him up and delivering a couple clubbing forearms. He shoots Kidd into the ropes, and delivers a back elbow when he tries to reverse it. He drops him with a back suplex-and grabs Kidds leg, locking in a half crab. The crowd pops as he delivers a couple stomps to the head. Ajax is heard asking Kidd whats wrong, as he lifts him up and delivers a pair of stiff chops to the chest.


Pariah condems Kidds actions last week, and talks how disappointed Johnny Ajax is in Ryan Kidds actions regarding the SCARS brotherhood. In the ring, Ajax hits a pair of german suplex’s-scoring a two count after the second one. He continues the assault, shooting Kidd into the ropes. Kidd blocks the attack and leaps up for a hurricanranna-but Ajax blocks it and sends him into the turnbuckle with a power bomb. He stumbles out as Ajax rocks him with a lariat and takes him out onto the apron. He climbs out with him and hits a DDT onto the ring apron-as the crowd cheers. He slides Kidd back into the ring and gets another two count.


He picks him up and delivers a series of strikes: a roundhouse kick, followed by a spinning back fist and a rolling elbow. Kidd stays on his feet as Ajax hits a discus lariat-as the crowd pops loudly. Ajax pins the former champion and scores a three count-finishing Ryan Kidd off.



Pariah talks up how Johnny Ajax might have just put himself into contention for the 2CW Championship





JPO is backstage with medical staff. He’s on the phone, regarding Jason Aries. He sighs as he lets the phone off and turns around, to where Nighthawk is waiting for him. He reluctantly tells him that they believe Aries has a concussion, and he has to pull him out of REvolution. He then tells Nighthawk he has the right to find a new partner-unless he wants to forfeit the Titles. Nighthawk says he won’t give them up, and he’ll find a partner Aries would approve of.



They air a video package about how Grayson Shaw has been playing games with Pariah, stalking his wife, and tormenting the former champion. A video package of their brawl plays, and we see footage from last weeks big Tag Team Match with ICONIC taking on Shaw and Drakin. A promo graphic for REvolution: Owyns vs Black comes up-showcasing the Fight Without Honor between Pariah and Shaw




MATCH:004 | MAIN EVENT | No Disqualification Match for the 2CW Championship



The crowd is firmly behind Declan Black, as Mercedes Morgan makes the formal introductions. The crowd boos Grayson Shaw very loudly as the bell rings. Shaw obviously refuses a handshake-and the two lock up. Shaw immediately goes behind him and shoves Black into the corner-showing his size and assumed strength advantage. Black and Shaw lock up again-and Black goes for a side head lock-but Shaw again shoves him into the ropes and locks in a sleeper hold. He drops Black with a sleeping neck breaker, and immediately goes for a cover-but Black get out before the ref gets into posistion. He sits up Black and locks in a chin lock—trying to take the air out of the Champion as the crowd begins to boo.


Shawn Matthews points out that despite not following any type of code of honor, Shaw is playing fairly nice for this being a No DQ Match. Pariah says he’s playing a game. As Black fights to a knee. He delivers a series of elbows-trying to break the hold. He eventually does and runs the rope-delivering a running lariat to Shaw. It knocks him into the ropes, and Black unleashes the fury, raining down strikes on Shaw. He gets up and runs the ropes as Shaw stands up-and Black delivers a yakuza kick to the chest-sending the challenger out to the floor. The crowd pops as he follows him out-and continues to press the challenger with strikes. He goes to shoot Shaw into the railing-but Shaw reverses it and sends the champion into the railing. He smiles and begins to chuckle as he grabs a chair from ringside and folds it up. Matthews talks about Black being in Shaw’s playground now, as he crashes the chair across the back of the 2CW Champion. He continues to the assault-eventually denting the chair on Declans back. He lifts him up and delivers a belly to back suplex-dropping the champion onto the apron as the crowd boos loudly. Black falls to the floor, as the psychotic challenger stalks his prey. He waits for Black to get to his hands and knees-before delivering a hard running knee to the side of his head. He smirks as he picks him up and slams him face first on the ring apron, and than on the ring steps. He grabs another chair and goes to bash his head in on the steps-but Black moves out of the way, and than kicks Shaw in the mid section and DDTs him into the chair in his hands. The crowd pops as he locks in an armbar. The crowd begin yelling “TAP OUT”. Shaw fights out of it-shoving Black into the railing. We see both Shaw and Black are busted open, as Black runs back at the challenger and gets rocked with a clothesline. Shaw picks him up and throws him into the first row, grabbing a set of chairs and setting up. Black battles back at Shaw, who catches him and drops him with a spine buster into the chairs as the crowd boos.


Pariah calls Shaw a psychopath, and Shawn points out that very psychopath could be our next Champion. Pariah grumbles about it-saying it would degrade the belt even more than Troy Stone holding it did.


Shaw picks the champion up and throws him back into the ringside area. Black crawls around the corner-trying to get some distance between he and Shaw. As Shaw comes around the steps-Black delivers a shot to the midsection with a lead pipe he pulled from underneath the ring. He drops the pipe and delivers a series of European Uppercuts-before stepping back and kicking him with a Yakuza Kick. The crowd boos when Shaw doesn’t go down, and Black hits a Dragon Suplex onto the entrance way. Black gets to a knee-and slams his fists on the mat at ringside, yelling to the crowd as he powers up, and delivers a running knee of his own to the challenger.


Pariah is overjoyous about Black making a comeback, as he picks up the challenger and throws him back into the ring. He follows him up and drops him with a Flatliner-while locking in a Koji Clutch at the end. The crowd roars as he wrenches the hold in as Shaw tries to fight out of it. Pariah can be heard screaming “TAP OUT!” at the commentary table, but Shaw is able to fight out of the hold-and he ends up bridging Black into a pin. He nearly gets a two count but Black releases the hold to kick out. Both men make some seperation to catch their breath as the crowd pops loudly. Shaw grabs a chair he threw into the ring earlier, and turns around only to be met with a third Yakuza kick-this time with the chair infront of his face. The crowd roars as he drops the chair and Black drops him with a piledriver onto the steel chair. He hooks the leg and goes for the cover:





The crowd roars as Declan Black has his arm held up-with the 2CW Championship held above his head. Their cheers turn to boos as Jack Owyns slides in from the crowd-and cracks a chair over the back of his head. He begins to stomp on Black, as Grayson Shaw stirs, and gets to his feet. Jack yells at him, and lifts up Black-shooting him into Shaw who hits the Black Label Serenade-nearly taking Blacks head off. The two double team Grayson Shaw as John Pariah throws the head set down and slide into the ring. Owens turns around and is met with Mirakuru-sending him out to the floor. Shaw quickly high tails it. He smirks and points to his head-suggesting he’s smarter than Pariah as Pariah helps Black up, and grabs the mic from Mercedes.


Pariah calls them out, and says next week-shots will be fired, because when Declan Black and John Pariah team up…things get…too sweet.


The crowd cheers as “Shot Em” plays-and Pariah and Black give the “2Sweet” gesture and we fade to credits as Shawn Matthews signs the show off.



(C) 2015 Second City Wrestling


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