Welcome to the first #REDEFINERECAP Article, here at REDEFINEWrestling.com!

These articles will be split into various categories, including BREAKING NEWS, ROSTER UPDATES & CONTRACT REPORTS, INJURY REPORTS, MERCHANDISE & LIVE EVENT REPORTS.



JOHN PARIAH IS REDEFINE: The biggest news is that JPO is no longer in power here in REDEFINE. His ownership of the company was signed over to his brother-the current General Manager of High Octane Wrestling, John Pariah earlier this week. Pariah made the announcement on Friday’s HOW Chaos event, and embellished on it this past Saturday at REDEFINE 25 in Chicago. Shawn Matthews dubbed it a “dark new day for REDEFINE”-what will happen in this new competition friendly REDEFINE under John Pariah’s rule?



COMINGS: Johnny Ajax and Jason Richards have both signed with REDEFINE this week. Rumor has it their deals are six month deals right now. Jacob Daniels, who debuted a couple of weeks ago-has also been signed for six months, and Drew Stevenson for an undisclosed amount of dates. Now rumor has it, John Pariah is renegotiating all these deals-as they were brokered under the old regime. Chris Caudill, the new face on the commentary team has also  been signed for a year. Also, JPO signed Darin Zion to a per appearance deal-that he intends to make good on. His first target? JP Caliban.

GOINGS: REDEFINE has said good bye to Nico Thomas, Griff Abbott, Cody Carson, and Mars Tetch after tonights REDEFINE 25 event. REDEFINE also previously reported inking a deal with Eddie Ngata, but that deal has fallen through.

CONTRACT DISPUTES: A certain black canary has told me that Carmen Cambridge was HOT after her loss to Jordan Ciserano last night at REDEFINE 25. Her contract actually EXPIRES on December 31st, and the Gucci Girl has been saying she wants big money to stay with REDEFINE.


CARMEN CAMBRIDGE is suffering some pain in her ribs. It happened during the week while training with Al Envy and John Pariah-but was aggravated this week in her match with Jordan Ciserano. REDEFINE Medical Staff is clearing her to compete this Saturday against Abby Watkins, and she is still advertised for the first ever REDEFINE Fight Club live event on Friday in Crown Point, Indiana

JORDAN CISERANO suffered a few minor cuts after being laid out by Johnny Ajax. Apparently he caught the bottom turnbuckle pretty hard when Ajax hit him with the Trevalyn Suplex. He had a minor cut on the back of his head.

JP CALIBAN also suffered lacerations and some strain on his collar bone when he was attacked by The Movement during his match with Drew Stevenson.


REDEFINE’s Merchandise store online is currently being revamped. Pre orders for the Blu Ray of “REvolution: VENDETTA” are going on right now-and the event is available on REDEFINETV for instant VOD download. The Blu Ray will feature an exclusive documentary shoot during the #REDEFINEUK tour. REDEFINETV is also live at REDEFINEWrestling.tv for all your streaming and VOD needs!


REDEFINE does not run many live events, but its going to. Tickets go on sale TODAY (Sunday) for an exclusive VIP event this Friday Night, called REDEFINE Fight Club. This special live event is VIP Only, as the only about 115 tickets were made available. The event will take place at the Craft Hall @ Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point, Indiana-and will feature REDEFINE World Champion Jordan Ciserano, TV Champion JP Caliban, Drew Stevenson, Faolan Reid, Jacob Daniels, Carmen Cambridge, Devin St. Claire, Grayson Shaw, John Pariah, Lilith Morgan, and many other talents. Tickets will sell out quick, and space is limited. Come see the most UNIQUE Wrestling Experience ever, with the first ever #REDEFINEFightClub Event


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