#REvolutionENDGAME Update! – #REDEFINEMondayNights

So due to some scheduling conflicts with the United Center, and the Blackhawks game on the 27th of December…REDEFINE is moving our year end spectacle END GAME up to MONDAY, December 21st 2015. The event will still be at the United Center, and all SOLD OUT tickets will be honored.


REDEFINE has also announced a special #REDEFINEFightClub event for December 26th – from the Portage Theater, in Chicago, IL. This event will be limited to 200 tickets, and are on sale now!


This will be the first ever event from REDEFINE to air on a Monday Night…..it’s not like theres anything else on TV That night!


Also, the event will be available not only on pay per view, but the new REDEFINETV streaming service-available for PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, iOS, and Roku.


endgame_world endgame_tvtitle endgame_goldendreams endgame_welcometochicago endgameblackdevin


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