#REvolutionENDGAME – RECAP & RESULTS (12-21-2015)



Monday, December 21st 2015

United Center

Chicago, IL




The sounds of Ministry’s “Keys to the City” explode over the PA system-as the crowd roars loudly from the United Center!


Shawn Matthews: Welcome, to REvolution: END GAME! We are LIVE on Pay Per View from a sold out United Center, in Chicago, IL-and we are here to #REDEFINEMondayNights!


Chris Caudill: No better night for the best professional wrestling on the planet, right Shawn?


Shawn: You are correct Chris-and we’re going to kick things off with a bang!



“Catch Your Breath” by CFO$ hits the PA as white lights come from the stage-and Devin St. Claire stands on the stage with his back toward to the crowd and his arms outstretched in a crucifix. The crowd pops as he turns around-and holds his arms up-giving the devil horns to the crowd. He climbs into the ring and poses on the ropes as the lights come up and the music fades


Mercedes: The following is your opening match at REvolution: END GAME! Introducing first…DEVIN…SAINT…CLAIRE!!!!!!!


“Ante Up” by MOP hits the PA system as the crowd pops. Emile Black heads down the ramp, staring a hole into Devin St. Claire. He slides into the ring as the music fades out.


Mercedes: His opponent..making his REDEFINE Debut…….EMILE BLACK!!!


Shawn: These two men are nearly identical in height and weight, not to mention they both like to take to the air.

Chris: Should make for a very interesting matchup, Shawn.

The bell rings and Emile Black wastes no time coming out of the gate, running and hitting a spin kick that knocks Devin St.Claire back into the corner. Black follows it up by hitting two kicks to the midsection, followed by a jumping spin kick that drops St.Claire. Devin props himself up, leaning his head against the middle rope as he sits on the mat, totally stunned by the aggression that Black is showing early on. Emile charges towards the corner and leaps, hitting a front dropkick, both feet to the face of St.Claire. He pulls Devin’s limp body out of the corner and goes for a cover but only gets a two count.

Shawn: Emile Black is coming out strong in his Redefine debut. I don’t think anyone expected this, Chris.

Chris: Well we’ve been seeing all week on twitter how Emile Black is campaigning to join The Definition with Carmen Cambridge, Jacob Daniels and Dead Eye. Maybe he’s using this opportunity to show the trio what he brings to the table.

As Devin sits up, he’s met with a kick to his chest, sending him right back down to the mat. Black stays on the attack, jumping into the air and driving both feet straight into the chest of St.Claire which gets the crowd going.

Chris: These fans felt that one, did you hear the gasp throughout the arena?

Shawn: I did, and Devin St.Claire is in a bad way right now.

Black turns his attention towards the fans as St.Claire is down on the mat.

Emile Black: You guys want EXCITEMENT!?

The crowd returns the taunt with a chorus of boo’s, which quickly turn to applause as Devin St.Claire uses Emile’s brief moment of distraction as an opportunity to roll up Black! The ref begins counting!




Black kicked out at a two count, and as St.Claire was on his knee’s, Emile threw a kick in his direction. Devin grabbed the foot but Black responded by hitting an enziguri kick sending the thud of his foot against St.Claire’s head throughout the arena. Emile turned St.Claire over to his back and lifted his head off the mat and began talking trash to the fallen competitor.

Shawn: Okay, this is going a little too far. You’re already putting a beating on him, there’s no need to rub it in too.

Chris: He’s an entertainer, Shawn. He’s giving the fans a show here.

The fans boo as Emile slaps the face of Devin St.Claire arrogantly, but St.Claire surprises everyone when he appears to get a second wind, reaching up and slapping Black back! The fans begin to get hope as St.Claire then grabs both arms of the cocky Emile, flipping him over and to the mat.

Shawn: And Devin St.Claire showing signs of life here!

St.Claire kips up to his feet and turns to face Black but the momentum is brought to a sudden halt as Black blindsides him with the Liquid Kick, crumbling St.Claire to the mat. Emile lifts the arm of St.Claire and drags him to the corner. He looks out at the fans once again and shouts ‘You want a show!?’ before climbing to the top rope. He stands on the top rope, perfectly balanced and looks around at the fans.

Chris: Look at that balance, this kid is something special. He’s dominated Devin St.Claire!

Shawn: If he wastes anymore time he might regret it. Don’t count St.Claire out of this match just yet!

Emile Black leaps off the top rope hitting an unbelievable 36 Special, 630 Senton on the helpless St.Claire. The fans are all on their feet as Emile places both hands arrogantly on the chest of his opponent as the ref makes the count.





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner, Emile Black!


‘Ante Up’ begins playing throughout the arena as the ref raises Emile’s hand to a mixed reaction. Medical personnel hit the ring to check on Devin St.Claire who seems to be in extreme pain after the one sided match.

Suddenly, Carmen Cambridge, Jacob Daniels, and Dead Eye appear at the top of the entranceway. Carmen Cambridge has a microphone in her hand as Ante Up stops playing.

Carmen Cambridge: So, you’ve been tryna join The Definition all week. Sending tweets here, compliments there…but we needed to see what you could do in the ring first boo.”

Dead Eye: “We needed to see flava, style, substance. We are more than just the best looking group in wrestling.”

The crowd boo’s as Carmen and JD smirk, Dead Eye does the same before continuing.

Dead Eye: “We’re the best WRESTLERS in wrestling.”

Jacob Daniels: “We are The Definition of a perfect unit. We’re just one piece away from a complete set.”

Carmen Cambridge: “So we’re having a vote, right here, right now boo boo’s. Who thinks Emile Black should be the final member of The Definition?”

The fans boo, not a fan of the overconfident group, also not wanting the highly talented Black to align with Cambridge, Dead Eye and Daniels. Black looks at the three from the ring.

Jacob Daniels gives a thumbs up. Dead Eye nods, and also raises his thumb. Carmen Cambridge gives a thumbs up as well as ‘Dark Horse’ begins playing throughout the arena. Black slides out of the ring with a smile on his face as he joins his group members at the top of the entranceway. Carmen embraces him in a hug, as JD and Dead Eye take turns shaking his hand, officially welcoming Emile into The Definition!


We’re backstage in the ARCHETYPE locker room. Pariah is talking to Ciserano.

Pariah: Listen, Jordan..don’t worry about it. Tonight-I’m doing something special. Tonight-you and Drew? No DQ. No Countout. It must be won by pin fall or submission.

Ciserano: Sounds good.

Pariah: Listen man. You got this. I’ve been in your position before, you got this. Tonight-the Archetype stands tall.





In just a split second after the bell had rung, the ring descended into chaos and the match was underway. The referee very wisely slipped out through the ropes as each of the eight competitors traded blows with one another. Geki Nitoh versus Xavier Laroux. Jacob Daniels and Abigail Watkins. Faolan Reid against Jason Richards and Saint Saito traded blows with Anton Chase. Eventually, amidst the sea of punches and kicks Xavier raked Nitoh across the eyes before landing a stiff superkick to the Toku Titan’s ribs. Nitoh was backed into the corner by Xavier, who continued with his assault as he drove his shoulder into Nitoh’s midsection repeatedly.
Meanwhile, at the other corner of the ring, Anton Chase was still trading blows with Saint Saito. They matched one another blow for blow before Anton pulled Saito close to him and stepped behind her, looking for the German suplex but just as soon as he lifted the small Japanese woman she managed to connect with the elbow to the Wrestling God’s temple before pulling him into a victory roll. She released the roll as soon as he was on the mat and they both disengaged from one another. But that was not to last as Saito responded with a stiff kick to Anton’s left knee, and then his right. Then came the lightning-fast flurry of punches and kicks that knocked Anton into the corner in the seated position, where Saito grasped the ring ropes and yelled out a war cry before repeatedly kicking her opponent in the head. Once, twice, a third time and so on. It seemed like it would never end.
Jacob Daniels, easily the largest man in the match, grappled with Abigail Watkins, the largest woman in the match. They locked arms and then struggled for domination, but it was Jacob that quickly got the upper hand, given the clear size advantage he had over Abby. He pulled her into the suplex position and lifted, but Abby was able to wriggle out of her predicament and push herself away from the large man. She rushed toward him and jumped, hitting Jacob with a single leg dropkick to his meaty chest. She fell to the mat, and Jacob was still on his feet. He smiled at Abby, and bade that she try again. Abby rose to her feet and rushed him again, she hit the dropkick a second time and Jacob still stood. His smile grew wider and he pulled her up to her feet and then into an Irish whip. Abby hit the ropes and returned to her opponent, she leapt, looked for a third dropkick and that was the one that caused Jacob to spill over the ropes and out of the ring.
Faolan looked as if he were in some kind of trouble, for his adversary, Jason Richards held his bad arm by the wrist and drove his shoulder into his own. First, and then a second time and on the third time he pulled Faolan in close and dropped him to the mat with a flatliner. Faolan hit the mat and grunted in pain, holding the bad arm with the good. Jason recovered to his feet and pulled Faolan to his own, but that was the opening the Irishman needed to crack Jason across the chest with a knife edged chop with his good arm. Jason winced and held his chest, redness already forming on his skin, and Faolan turned him around and chopped him again with another knife edged chop before grabbing his wrist and pulling him into the corner with an appropriately named Irish whip, and as soon as Jason hit the turnbuckles Faolan charged and kicked him across the side of his head with the big boot.
Xavier was eventually done with beating on Nitoh, and so he decided to leave him slumped in the corner and then he dropped to the mat, rolling out of the ring through the bottom rope and then walking over to the nearest ladder, grasping it as soon as he was close enough but he turned his head and noticed that Saint Saito had the same idea. They stood there, outside the ring, their hands on two ladders and their eyes locked onto one another, as if the need to kill overrode their shared goals. After a few seconds of staring, they suddenly went for one another like a pair of rabid dogs, trading blow after blow before Xavier managed to toss her into the guard rail. Her back impacted hard against the steel, and her body stiffened as the pain shot through her. Xavier stared arrogantly at the New Ace of Joshi Puroresu, and with a smirk he went for one of the ladders, not to further his goals, but to hurt her.
On the other side of the ring, Abby was brawling with Jacob, her hand clutched firmly onto his hair with one hand while she cracked him once, then twice across the jaw with the other. After the second of Abby’s blows, Jacob grabbed Abby by the hair and drove his thigh into her midsection. She doubled over and released her hold on Jacob, and now it was the larger of the two who was on the attack. He stepped them both away from the ring and then he pulled her into an exploder suplex onto the floor. Abby clutched the back of her head in pain as Jacob pulled himself to his feet, and he locked eyes on one of the ladders just as Xavier and Saito busied themselves with one another. He made his way to the ramp where the ladders stood, and then he slid one of them into the ring with himself following close.
Inside the ring, Nitoh and Anton were showing signs of life in their respective corners, as Faolan and Richards worked on one another. Nitoh used the ropes to pull himself back to his feet, staggering a little as he held his ribs, but he managed to get himself upright in spite of the pain he felt. Anton followed closely, he himself holding the side of his head as he managed to stand up. They each shared a look and then quickly went for one another. They locked up, grappling, the pair of them straining to see which of them would gain the advantage. The answer came quickly as Geki Nitoh, the Toku Titan drove his knee into the stomach of the Wrestling God and then pulled his head into the DDT position, starting for variation of the tornado DDT. He jumped, then springboarded off the ropes but as soon as he spun around with the tornado, Anton stopped him in his tracks and managed to toss him overhead with the belly-to-belly suplex, just as Jacob slid in with the ladder in his hand.
Faolan drove Jason Richards into the mat head first with a belly-to-back suplex and then turned to see Jacob Daniels with a ladder, about to set it up in the middle of the ring. Both he and Anton went for the large man just as the ladder was fully set up, and they both targeted his head with their fists. Jacob went to one knee under their combined assault, with Anton now deciding to kick Jacob in addition to merely punching him. Both he and Faolan shared a look and at the moment decided to cooperate and the first act of their impromptu alliance was to pull Jacob into a double vertical suplex. They both set him up, they lifted the large man but Jacob managed to wriggle back to his feet and in an impressive feat of strength lifted them both up into the air and dropped them both with vertical suplexes of his own. 
Nitoh was on one knee when he watched this, and he gave the big man a wide smile, clapping his hands in congratulations before they both rose to their feet and rushed one another. They traded blows, and somehow the ladder was knocked down to the mat during the exchange before Nitoh suddenly leapt and cracked Jacob across his temple with an impressive enzuigiri, knocking the big man back to one knee. The fans cheered their approval and Nitoh smiled widely at them before he pulled Jacob back to his feet and repositioned him so that Nitoh stood with his back turned, his arms holding the big man’s head across his shoulder. Nitoh leapt in the air, backflipped with Jacob’s head still against his shoulder and the Toku Titan brought Jacob Daniels crashing onto the ladder back first with the standing shiranui. 
Suddenly, however, after the move had been made, there was Jason Richards making a move of his own. He was on the top rope, scoping Nitoh as he climbed to his feet and he waited for the Toku Titan to turn around, and as soon as he did he leapt high into the air and connected with the diving cross body, bringing them both down onto the mat. They both recovered at relatively the same time, and Nitoh threw a punch toward Jason but he ducked under it, right before taking Nitoh by the waist and lifting him up, and then bringing him down onto the ladder beside Jacob Daniels with the pop-up liger bomb. Nitoh’s body stiffened under the impact as the pain shot through his body, and he was pulled away from the ladder by Jason, as was Jacob who was only just showing signs of life. Jason gave Jacob a stomp across the chest for good measure before he picked up the ladder and set it up in the middle of the ring.
As events unfolded themselves inside of the ring, outside of it Xavier held the other ladder with sick glee in his eyes as Saito was against the guard rail. He hefted it up and charged Saito, steel ladder first with the intent to cave her face in using the ladder as a battering ram. At the very last second, Saito surged to the side just as steel hit steel, and she hopped to her feet and laid in with the rapid-fire stiff shoot kicks to Xavier’s lower back just as quickly. Xavier eventually slumped to his knees, supported by the ladder that rested against the railing. Saito yelled out a war cry just before she finalised her assault on Xavier with a shoot kick to the back of his head, crushing it against the steel of the ladder. Saito then turned and looked on at the goings on at the ring, and she decided to join in. She slid in through the bottom rope but she was only halfway through when Abigail Watkins seemingly appeared from out of nowhere and held onto Saito’s lethal legs. Abby pulled Saito out of the ring legs first and then held her into a waist lock at first, dragging her further away from the ring before turning her around and kneecapping her with her boot, followed by a spike DDT, driving Saito’s head into the floor.
Anton Chase recovered enough to notice that Geki Nitoh had set up the ladder and had started to make the climb for the briefcase that they were all fighting for. Jason was halfway up the ladder when Anton stepped through the ropes with as much speed as he could muster and then turned to face the ascending Jason. Anton jumped, pulling himself higher with the ropes and then springboarding off of them, soaring high in the air to connect with the ladder with a missile dropkick, bringing himself, Jason Richards and the steel ladder all crashing down onto the mat. But Anton was not done, for when he recovered enough he climbed up to his feet and set up the ladder, beginning his climb, making the grab for the briefcase. He himself was halfway up the ladder when Jason stopped him with a handful of tights, pulling him down but for the kick to the chest Anton gave him, followed by a moonsault off the ladder.
Faolan was on his feet and he rushed Anton as he rose to his own, connecting with the big boot to the Wrestling God’s jaw, knocking him flat back onto the mat. The Irishman then grabbed Anton by the wrist and pulled him up before connecting with several kicks to his chest. He then looked to connect with a lariat but as soon as Faolan pulled Anton close he ducked under his arm, turned and then gave him a boot to the ribs before grabbing Faolan’s own wrist and perhaps in some kind of parody did much of the same to Faolan as the Irishman did to him, though targeting the shoulder of his bad arm, instead of the chest. He kicked him once, and the twice, mocking him for his weakness before Faolan suddenly pulled his arm away, grabbed Anton by the head and dropped him with the Potato Famine. Jason Richards came up onto Faolan from behind, landing blow after blow before he himself was hit by Faolan’s Potato Famine.
Meanwhile, Xavier shook the stars from his head after getting it kicked into a steel ladder, and then he turned to face Abby and Saito who were going at it, trading blows although it seemed as though Abby was getting in more shots as Saito seemed as dazed as he was. Xavier gave his head one last shake before grabbing the ladder and then charging both women, ramming the steel into both of their chests and knocking them flat on their backs, clearly in pain. He then smirked at the two fallen women and turned his attention back to the briefcase that hung above them all. He slid the ladder beside it’s counterpart inside the ring and quickly followed, driving the steel into Faolan’s bad arm and knocking him down. Then went Nitoh, whom Xavier drove the ladder into his gut. Xavier then placed the ladder across his shoulders with his head in between two of the rungs, and knocked down each and every man inside the ring who dared rise to his feet, like he was some sort of demented propeller.
Jacob Daniels used the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, and only just noticed that Xavier Laroux was doing his best helicopter impersonation. He saw Nitoh go down, then Jason, and then Anton. When Xavier finally stopped for a brief moment, Jacob saw the opening for what it was and promptly drove the ladder into Xavier’s face with the big boot. Xavier went down, but Jacob was not done with him just yet. He pulled him from the ladder and lifted him up and then placed his head in between his legs. The big man hooked the arms of Xavier and lifted him up, stepped forward and over the ladder and the crowd went wild as Jacob drove Xavier head first into the steel with the Daniels Driver.
Saito was picking herself back up to her feet outside the ring, a testament to the harsh training she underwent in preparation for this brutal match, to toughen herself up. She was upright and going for the ring when Abby suddenly grabbed her by the ankle, stopping her in her tracks. Saito shook Abby’s hand away and made for the ring again, only to be stopped by Abby a second time. Saito turned around to deal with Abby but was met with the full force of 127lbs spearing into her stomach. They both fell back to the floor, with Abby landing blow after blow to the side of Saito’s skull before she was downed long enough for Abby to climb into the ring herself. She slid through the ropes and stared at Jacob Daniels who stood tall amongst the bodies in the ring. They locked eyes with one another and they stepped forward a couple of steps before trading blows with one another, much as they did when the match first started.
Saito slowly rose to her knees, moving stiffly at first as she attempted to regain her bearings. Her hand rested on the ring apron when she was suddenly picked up by Jason Richards, who suddenly appeared behind her. He landed a blow across Saito’s jaw, who felt it as though it were a shot of electricity jumpstarting her body and she responded in kind. They traded blows with one another right up until the moment when Saito grabbed Jason by the head and drove her knee into his face with the Saito Smash.
As soon as Jason dropped limply to the floor, Saito was climbing slowly up the ring apron and she saw that Jacob Daniels knocked Abby down to the mat and was now setting one of the ladders up in the corner, with ill intent clear in his eyes. But they ignored one another for the moment, and Saito instead focussed on Faolan Reid, who was climbing to his feet when she continued her ascent, climbing the ring ropes until she was at the top. She taunted Faolan, who then turned and charged her like a bolt of lightning, before she could act. He cracked her across the head with his good arm, and grabbed her by the hair with the bad one. He called out to the fans who cheered their approval when he proceeded to repeatedly punch her in the head while they counted along with each punch. But before Faolan reached punch number ten, Saito suddenly acted and grabbed Faolan by the wrist of his bad arm and fell backwards over the ropes, holding tightly onto his shoulder with her arms, and the brave Irishman cried out in sheer agony as Saint Saito locked in the rope-hung variation of the juji-gatame she called the Saint’s Blessing.
Jacob Daniels was done setting up the ladder when he suddenly heard the cry of Faolan, and he turned to see Saito bouncing against the ropes as she tried her hardest to tear the Irishman’s arm off with a rather unique submission hold. After taking in his fill, he turned his attention back to Abby, dragging her up by her hair and pulling her into his arm, looking to suplex her into the propped-up ladder in the corner. He set her up, lifted, but before he could land it and almost break her spine in the process, Abby managed to wriggle out of the hold until she was suddenly standing behind the big man. She wrapped her arms around his thick waist and in probably the most impressive feat of strength to date in the match, she dropped Jacob onto the back of his head with a German suplex onto the ladder.
And the crowd went wild, even as the move took the wind out of her sails and she fell to her knees tiredly.
Faolan used all the strength he could muster to drag Saint Saito into the ring. He eventually managed to pull it off, but Saito still had the Saint’s Blessing locked in, for she was determined to destroy his arm. In the mean time, Nitoh, Anton and Xavier recovered more or less within a few moments of one another, and each went for their own targets. Nitoh went for Abby, and for his troubles managed to find himself getting German suplexed into Jacob, and Anton and Xavier went for each other. Anton shot out first with a boot to Xavier’s gut, and planted his head in between his legs with designs to take him out once and for all with the Chaos Theory, but Xavier suddenly grabbed Anton by the legs and brought him down to the mat. Afterward, Xavier punched the Wrestling God in the throat before pulling him back to his feet and giving him the Perfect Drug.
Xavier hurriedly set the other ladder up at the centre of the ring and he began his ascent. He was not alone, however, for Abby began a climb of her own, and when they both reached the top, the golden briefcase mere inches from their heads, they began to fight for that prize, trading tired blows to each other, but little did they know that Faolan was dragging himself to the ladder as they fought, with Saint Saito still attached to his arm. He then reached down and grasped one of Saito’s arms and used what remained of his strength to lift all 120lbs of Saint Saito and crack her head against the steel.
And with that, everything collapsed lifelessly to the mat. Faolan. Saito. Xavier and Abby. And the ladder.
For what seemed like forever there was no movement inside the ring or outside of it either. Not a soul was standing, not a soul was even moving save for Faolan who was on his knees, clutching his injured arm and quivering in agony. The pain on his face was as if etched in stone. Eventually, it was Saito who showed the first signs of life, slowly getting up to her feet and grabbing her head in pain. It looked as though she had a hell of a headache, thanks to getting her head driven into the steel. She turned and caught Faolan in her sight, and suddenly all the pain was forgotten. Breathing heavily, Saito shuffled toward the quivering Faolan, who was still on his knees, holding his arm, but in spite of the pain he felt his eyes held nothing but defiance for the New Ace.
She gave the Irishman a tired smirk right before she held her hand in front of her, thumb and forefinger extended to form a gun pointed straight at Faolan’s head.
The look in his eyes said it all to Saito. “Pull the damn trigger!” he silently demanded, and with another smirk, the New Ace shot her ‘gun,’ right before putting Faolan out of his misery with the Saito Smash.
Saito paused for a brief moment to survey the carnage before her, she alone standing amongst this pile of bodies, before she shuffled to the nearest ladder. Tiredly, she set up and slowly began her ascent, climbing each rung as if it took great effort to do so, which seeing as she is holding the back of her head with one of her hands while she climbed with the other is understandable, but slowly, surely, she reached the top and she finally came face to face with the coveted Golden Dreams briefcase, and it was not long until it was unhooked and in her hands a second before the referee called for an official end to the match.
“Lust SIN” filled the arena, and Saito slid down the ladder before rolling out of the ring with her newly won briefcase tightly clutched to her chest. She shuffled over to the ramp, still staring at the bodies she had left behind and she smiled. That smile turned into a chuckle, which grew into a loud and mocking laugh as she backed up the ramp.
“I beat you, you bastards!” she said in English, loud enough for the camera’s microphone to catch. “I beat you all!” and with that she laughed out loud again as the referee approached her and raised her arm in victory, and when she finally reached the stage, Saint Saito stopped and surveyed the fans booing her, and with a final smirk she brought the golden briefcase to her lips and pressed a kiss against it before she raised it high in the air.
And with that, she finally disappeared through to the backstage area, leaving only her music and seven beaten and broken people in the ring. 








The camera cuts to the ring, where Jason Parker Olesen is standing in the ring-with a podium and a championship belt, that says REDEFINE Hall of Fame-with Declan Black’s logo on the sides.


JPO: Thank you everyone, and welcome to END GAME! We just saw one of the most spectacle of matches in Golden Dreams. Congratulations to someone I’m sure I’ll be handing this belt to in years to come-Saint Saito on winning! Now, while I no longer am here in REDEFINE in any official capacity, John Pariah has graciously allowed me to come out and introduce you to the first inductee into the REDEFINE Hall of Fame……ladies and gentlemen….DECLAN…BLACK!!!!



*Lights flash as the horn intro to “Rule the World” by Walk Off The Earth sounds out, and the Chicago fans turn to the entranceway as white lights swivel through the crowd. At the :48 mark, the song hits the chorus, along with his gorgeous fiance, Savy Leigh Kelley, in a gorgeous dress that clings to her curves just so, stands Declan Black.


He heads down the ramp, amidst a showers of streamers, and climbs into the ring. The crowd continues to cheer as JPO shakes is hand, and presents him with the Hall of Fame belt. He hands Declan the mic as the crowd finally settles down.

Declan: Wow…first..it is great to be back in the same building that I won the 2CW Championship in!

The crowd cheers loudly.

Declan: Tonight, it’s a special night. The guys and girls in the back-are very much redefining the business in this ring…and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of its beginnings….

The crowd is silenced as the lights go out, and a distorted thundering bass is heard.

My pain-filled drama queen is always creeping at your bed
Getting ready to buy you out
‘Cause we all know what goes around comes around
Should’ve known what I was all about
Do not test me

‘Cause I’m the fucking king of the world
Get on your knees
I’m the fucking king of the world
Do as I please
So get up and get out and I’ll show you
What it takes for me to control you
‘Cause I’m the fucking king of the world

The lights come up as Porcelain and the Tramps “King of the World” hits the PA System-and John Pariah steps onto the stage in his black business suit. He heads down the ramp, and climbs into the ring-taking a mic and shoeing Jason to the back.

Pariah: Welcome back champ. How’s it feel to be holding a belt again.


Declan: You wouldn’t know would you?


Pariah: Hey. just trying to be nice. No ill will brother. bulletSCARS.


He goes to offer him Too Sweet, and Declan shakes his head.


Declan: That isn’t bulletSCARS John. You don’t deserve to fly that flag. You’re a manipulative sociopath-whose only looking out for yourself.


Pariah: Is that how it is Declan? I mean..I did kind of bring you into REDEFINE. I am responsible for all of this right? Everything I’ve done for this company-for you? and thats how you want to play Declan?

Declan: What is your game John? What do you want?


Pariah: Can’t I just come out here and congratulate a friend? Is that really how it is now?


Declan sighs, and smacks Pariah.


Declan: Thats how it is…


Pariah: Listen Declan…you don’t want to go down this road…


Pariah shake this head-and attacks Declan. The two brawl around the ringside area-with Declan even hitting the Blackout on Pariah. The crowd pops as JPO comes back out and holds Declans hand up-handing him the HOF Title, as they fade out.








Shawn: This is the Welcome to Chicago match between ‘Pretty’ Ricky Stanton and rising newcomer, member of The Definition and Billionaires Club, Dead Eye. This could be a show stealer.

Chris: Ricky Stanton has done it all in our business, and if Dead Eye is truly the Future like he claims, he should want to be everything Stanton has been so far in his career.

The bell rings to start this highly anticipated and talked about match. Dead Eye gives up a few inches and a little over twenty pounds to the veteran, Stanton. Dead Eye is excited to make his Redefine debut, and that anxiousness gets the better of him early on as he runs at Stanton, but Ricky sticks him with a thumb to the eye as the fans boo the dirty move by the ‘Pretty’ one. Ricky pays them no mind as he hits a few stomps to the chest of the ‘Future’.

Chris: I can see the Future now…and its painful for Dead Eye.

Stanton drops an elbow drop on the young wrestler and attempts a lazy pin, only getting a one count. Ricky resumes his attack, lifting Dead Eye from the mat and into a standing, stalling suplex, holding him there for several seconds before dropping him down hard to the mat.

Shawn: Ricky Stanton not letting up on Dead Eye here early on.

Chris: This is The Definition of a butt kicking…see what I did there?

Shawn: Ridiculous.

Ricky takes a few minutes to taunt for the ladies in the crowd, but pays for it as Dead Eye is back on his feet. He uses his speed to duck a pair of clotheslines, and then hits a running spinning headscissors on the Pretty one. Stanton bounces back up, only to get hit with a hurricanrana. He’s up again, and again he’s knocked down, this time by a running cross body. Dead Eye attempts a pin, picking up a two count. Stanton slides under the bottom rope, trying to buy some time. He stands up on the ring apron, a mistake he pays for as Dead Eye uses the energy he’s feeling to run jump onto the top turnbuckle and then hit a jumping dropkick to Stanton, knocking him off the ring apron, and to the floor outside the ring. Dead Eye gets up and yells out to the crowd ‘That’s the Definition, baby!’ as he’s greeted with a mixed reaction, but is clearly the crowds pick over Stanton. Dead Eye rolls Stanton back into the ring, and goes for a cover, picking up a two count.

Shawn: Just when you think Dead Eye is out, he came back and is now in control.

Dead Eye locks in a seated headlock, but Ricky, knowing where he is in the ring at all times, reaches his foot out and lays it on the bottom rope, forcing the Future to break the hold. Dead Eye drags Ricky away from the ropes and goes for a standing moonsault, but he misses as Stanton rolls out of the way. He eyes the ankle of Dead Eye, and hits a series of vicious stomps, hoping to limit the mobility and aerial ability of the future. He lifts a limping Dead Eye to his feet, whips him into the ropes and hits a spin around spinebuster, driving the air out of the newcomer. He goes for a cover.




Stanton can’t believe it. He stalks Dead Eye as he slowly makes his way to his feet. He grabs his head from behind, smirking as he sets him up for the Pretty Boy Drop, reverse DDT. Dead Eye counters though, lifting himself and flipping behind Stanton, but as he lands, he plants that already damaged ankle awkwardly into the mat and crumbles, clutching at the ankle. Stanton immediately picks up on it and wastes no time applying the Master Lock on him!

Chris: This is it! He’s finished countless opponents off with this very move.

Stanton applies pressure, twisting the ankle of Dead Eye, but he refuses to give up. Dead Eye reaches the ropes, but Stanton refuses to break the hold. The Future pulls himself up to one foot as Stanton still has the other foot in the devastating ankle lock. Dead Eye leaps up on his free foot, kicking Stanton in the chest, breaking the hold. Stanton stumbles, but doesn’t fall. He charges towards his injured opponent, but is caught with a Pele kick, Dead Eye follows it up by immediately locking in a crossface!

Shawn: They’re in the center of the ring, can Stanton fight this off?

‘Pretty’ Ricky attempts to crawl to the ropes, but with Dead Eye’s background in MMA and submission, there’s no escaping as the veteran has no choice but tap out to the submission.



Shawn: The Definition is making a statement tonight Chris!


Chris: That they are!








Mercedes: The following is for the REDEFINE World Television Championship!

‘Darkhorse’ begins to play as Carmen makes her way to the top of the entranceway with a smirk on her face as purple smoke swirls around. She walks confidently to the ring, letting some of the fans know what’s on her mind. As she reaches the ring steps, she walks up them slowly and then places her back against the ropes on the ring apron. She wraps her arms around and flips backwards over the top rope and into the ring.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water”

A voice that sounds kind of like Bruce Lee rings out through the arena answered by another older voice telling the people that this is not an easy thing to do, a samurai inspired instrumental with a hip hop beat plays across the arena as Caliban and Sinnesy Rose emerge from the curtain. Caliban is calm, his face intense hiding all the egotistical swagger that lies beneath, he drops to a knee and beckons the camera in close before holding up his fists showing the “here goes” tattooed across them, he then jumps up to his feet leaping high into the air and coming down with a massive bang and a pyro of flames screaming at the top of his voice


Announcer: Making his way to ring at this time, Hailing from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, being accompanied by Sinnesy Rose! representing Death By Velocity! HE IS THE ARTFUL DODGER OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING, J.P. CALIBAN!!!!

Sinney stands behind him smiling at his behaviour, he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage getting in the face of the crowd, he reaches the bottom of the ramp and Cali runs at the ring jumping and sliding in feet first followed by a quick kip up into a standing corkscrew back flip landing back on his feet. The entrance ends with Caliban sitting on the top rope with Sinnesy playing with his hair on the apron. Both are waiting watching the ramp or opponent intently

The crowd roars as the two enter the ring, and the ref holds up the World Television Championship. The bell rings as the two back up-and Caliban raises his arms and takes an MMA style fighting stance. Carmen raises her fists up and takes a similar stance, as if she were going to try and match Caliban blow for blow, but does a beautiful back bend as Caliban throws the first punch and dodges it.

Chris: What athleticism!

Shawn: Yeah, but it looks like Caliban was expecting that!

As Carmen raises back to her feet, Caliban bounces off the ropes and tries to nail her with a clothesline, only for her to do the splits and dodge it! Trying to counter, Carmen jumps back to her feet and throws a kick aimed at the midsection of her opponent, but Caliban catches her leg leaving her hopping on one foot. Carmen then leaps into the air and swings her other leg towards Willet’s head, but he lets go of Carmen’s leg and ducks under it, dodging the attack! Not wanting to go face first into the mat, Carmen readjusts herself mid-air and lands on one knee, greatly softening her fall!

Shawn: And we’re back to were we started!

Chris: As impressive as this is, I hope one of them starts to land some blows soon!

Carmen springs back to a standing position and ducks under a left hook from Caliban, before running into the ropes and springboarding off the middle one with a beautiful cross body that connects and takes Caliban to the mat. Wasting little time, she quickly mounts Caliban and begins to hammer him with forearms to the face! The referee begins his count as Carmen is forced to break the assault. Caliban, now back on his feet, goes around the referee who had been scolding Carmen and clocks her in the kidney’s with a powerful left hook. Carmen, trying her best to shrug it off, throws a forearm towards Caliban that connects with his chin!

Shawn: Things are really heating up here!

Chris: It’s like they’re not even trying to block anymore! They said they wouldn’t hold back!

The two begin to trade blows as they back into the center of the ring. The exchange ends with Caliban grabbing hold of Carmen’s arm and whipping her into the ropes! She bounces off and returns to Caliban before being taken down with a hip-toss. Caliban picks Carmen up and lifts her into the air before dropping her back first into the mat with a picture perfect vertical suplex, but he doesn’t let go! Instead, Caliban picks her up once more and hits her with another suplex! Trying for one more, Caliban hoists Carmen up into the but she begins to squirm! The force of her legs moving in the air causes her to fall forewords, landing on her feet and using the momentum to list Caliban up and drop him with a suplex of her own!

Chris: Nice counter by Carmen Cambridge. She’s really showing why she wants to be a champion here in REDEFINE!

Shawn: No one is doubting her ability Chris. She’s just waiting on the opportunity.

Not wasting any time, Carmen raises Caliban up, pushing him down to her midsection as she lifts his knees up and begins to drive them into her opponents face! Caliban groans with each knee before finally breaking free by jumping onto the middle rope and pushing off, sending both athletes tumbling to the mat. With Caliban lying on top of Carmen, she raises his arms up and locks them around Caliban’s waist and shoves him off, slowly getting to her feet without letting go of the hold. As soon as she is on her feet. she uses every ounce of strength in her body to lift Caliban into the air, before planting him square in the center of the mat with a gutwrench powerbomb!

Shawn: Big move from the former Tag Team Champion!

Chris: She could have it here!

Carmen hooks the leg of Caliban as the referee drops down to count!



THRE–KICKOUT! Caliban gets the shoulder up! Carmen springs to her knees with her hands behind her head, not really in shock but still in a slight state of disbelief.

Chris: Wow, that was close…

Carmen grabs Caliban by the head and guides him to his feet, but he throws his arms into the air, breaking her hold on him. Getting his second wind, Caliban throws a kick to each of her thighs, before doing the same to her midsection and finishing the 5 kick combo with a huge kick to the head, dropping Carmen like a rock! JP drops down and hooks the leg as the referee begins to count once more!




Shawn: Wow! Another near fall, this time on Carmen!

Chris: These two are both amazing athletes, and they’re showing that tonight!

Shawn: Yeah, chances are that the winner of this match will be the one who has the most stamina…

The two super stars slowly get to their feet as the clock passes the 15 minute mark. One both on their feet, they stare blankly into each others eyes before exploding into a furry of rights and lefts, desperately trying to get the upper hand on the other. After about a minute of solid punching, Carmen knees Caliban in the stomach before stepping back and leaping into the air, driving her calf into the forehead of JP with a nice crescent kick, sending him crashing to the mat. Not wasting any time, Carmen runs towards the ropes and leaps off the middle one with a lionsault!

Shawn: Nice move by Cambridge!

Chris: Yeah but why isn’t she pinning him!? She might have had this one won!

Shawn: Looks like she’s going to do something else for good measure!

Rather than pinning Caliban, Carmen climbs to the top rope, facing the crowd with a smug look on her face before leaping off and connecting with a moonsault onto Caliban, she hooks the leg!




Chris: Caliban won’t stay down!

Shawn: He’s a former World Champion, a future Hall of Famer, and the current Television  Champion Chris. Of course he won’t!

The commentators gasp in shock but remain speechless, while Carmen begins to argue with the referee. Caliban, who has now gotten to his feet, forces Carmen to turn around before lifting her into the air and driving her into the mat with a sitout scoop slam piledriver! Caliban hooks the leg:




Shawn: Not even a devastating piledriver could put her away Chris! What does the Television Champion have to do?

Chris: He needs to stay focused Shawn! He can’t let Carmen’s resiliency get the best of him!

Caliban signals for the end as he lifts Carmen onto her feet once more, this time lifting her into the air for a vertical suplex. However, Carmen Cambridge wiggles free and manages to shift her weight, falling foreword and hooking the head of Caliban, driving him face first into the mat with a huge DDT out of no where! Both competitors lie motionless on the mat!

Shawn: What a counter!

Chris: She killed him! There’s no way he survived that!

Shawn: If only she could find the energy to roll over and pin him…

Just as Shawn finishes that line, Carmen slowly begins to stir as she crawls towards Caliban, her body nearly limp from the sheer amount of energy she’s been exerting mixed in with the beating she has been taking. Finally, she manages to drape one arm over the chest of Caliban as the clock hits the 20 minute mark.





Shawn: That literally could not have been any closer…

Chris: You’re telling me! He was just a dust particle away from losing the match!

Carmen rolls off of Caliban and sits up, taking a moment to catch her breath. Caliban also begins to stir, grabbing the middle rope and using it as leverage to hoist himself to his feet. Carmen notices this and follows suit and both competitors lock eyes from across the ring.

Shawn: The end is near, and they know it…

Chris: Yeah, the next person who screws up is going to be the loser…you can count on that…

Carmen walks towards Caliban and the two exchange some quick blows, before Caliban nails her in the gut and attempts a suplex, she however breaks free and drops behind him, and wraps his arms around his neck hoping for a neckbreaker! But as she drops, Caliban grabs the top rope and Carmen finds nothing but canvas!

Shawn: This could be the opening Caliban needs to win this!

Chris: Yeah, and he looks to capitalize on it to!

Once again, Caliban signals for the end as he lifts her up, however, before he can lock her in any sort of hold, he receives a hard kick to the gut and an uppercut-before she connects with the Slicer! Carmen once again finds herself to exhausted to make the cover, leaving both superstars lying on the mat in pain.

Shawn: Another big move from the challenger! I can’t believe she still had that much strength left!

Chris: Yeah but she’s giving Caliban to much time to recover! All she has to do is move half an inch, and the match is hers!

The clock passes 25 minutes as Carmen finally gets to her feet, remembering the last time, she doesn’t go for a pin and instead begins to slowly climb to the top rope!

Shawn: No Carmen! Don’t do it! You’ve already given him enough time to realize what’s going on!

Chris: Who knows?! If Carmen lands this move, she has it won!

Shawn: Yeah, but if Caliban counters in some way, he has it won!

Chris: I think Carmen is looking to take that risk…

Finally she gets to the top rope as the clock reaches 27 minutes! After taking a few seconds to steady herself, she leaps off and executes a huge diving splash before crashing hard into the mat as Caliban just barely manages to roll out of the way!

Shawn: Not Good! I knew this would happen!

Chris: Things are looking grim for Mrs. Cambridge!

Shawn: Not like this! Not like thiiiiis!

Caliban scurries to his feet, knowing that now is the best time to take action as Carmen sluggishly gets to her own, not wanting to be pinned. However, before she can get to a standing position, Caliban drops her with BLAM MURDERED YOU! as the crowd pops loudly. He slowly rolls her over and goes for the pin fall:



THREE—-NO! Carmen gets her hand on the bottom rope-and the ref breaks the pin.


Shawn: What do they have to do to end this one?

JP picks her up and sets her up for a Joker Driver. Carmen blocks it and ducks a clothesline-hitting the Twin Bridgeplex as the crowd gasps. She bridges into he cover:






Chris: You are a damn fool if you don’t respect both JP Caliban Carmen Cambridge after that bout!

Caliban is in the corner on his knees a shocked look on his face as Carmen Cambridge ascends the turn buckle for the first time as champion, as he rises to his feet behind her the crowd grows silent waiting to see what will happen, Carmen turns around catching his advance and drops down into a defensive position

Matthews: This may not be over folks

Caliban puts his hands on his hips and then tosses them in the air saying what the hell and walks forward embracing Carmen Cambridge with a full on hug, it takes her a second but she reciprocates and he releases raising her hand in the air

Claudill: What a moment in Redefine history the crowd is going

Caliban: BLAM!

Matthews: NO, NO! NO!


Caliban while still holding Carmen’s hand in the air nails a perfect super kick to the jaw knocking her out she goes limp but he holds her up and lifts her above his head

Claudill: joker driver!

Caliban yells at Carmen about how he told her this would happen he then gets out of the ring

Matthews: Ok good he’s done it’s over WALK AWAY DUDE!

The crowd boos loudly and the sound seems to stall Caliban for a second then he looks at the floor, the hard concrete floor and back to the ring and he goes back in for Carmen Picking her up and then just dumping her backwards over the top rope to the floor


Claudill: Here comes Saito and Definition!

Caliban already has Carmen back up in the electric chair and he turns to face her associates, they stop short when he catches their eye


Matthews: We have about 20 officials out here trying to talk Caliban out of this, if he does it Definition will eat him alive






Caliban is just sitting on the floor laughing while Carmen crumbles out of the packaged state to the floor, Caliban stands over her screaming in her face


He then makes a motion of pissing on her corps with a water bottle before leaving up the ramp with Ciserano handing him his tag title belt and Pariah patting him on the back while the crowd screams bloody murder and EMT’s rush past





Shawn: Alexis Terry? Next week DEBUTS for REDEFINE!


Chris: January 2nd, we return to the airwaves on Fox Sports One for REDEFINE 30. What a HUGE Night of action it will be!




Mercedes: The following is your MAIN EVENT and is for the REDEFINE World Championship!


The arena lights suddenly just shut off consuming the arena into complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the arena lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him heavily, he just begins walking down the aisle sporting his usual attire which consists of dark green wrestling pants, dark green knee pads, boots and his hands taped up in dark green tape as well. He begins walking down the aisle until he gets down to the ring, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match underway.


The music plays and the crowd cheers. 3 seconds into the song Jordan Ciserano comes out jumping, high with energy. He continues to pump the crowd up. After that the pyro begins, exploding every time one of Ciserano’s jumps hits the floor. After that Ciserano makes his way down the aisle high fiving any and every fan in sight. Once he makes it to the base of the ring he jumps onto the apron while pyro explodes as he hits it. He enters by spring boarding over the top rope. Following that he climbs the top turn buckle to the top rope hold his hands over his head. The music ends and he’s ready to fight.

The bell rings and our main event is underway. Both men walk to the center of the ring and engage in a staredown, with both jawing at the other. Finally, Stevenson slaps the cheek of Ciserano arrogantly, letting out a hearty chuckle. The Redefine champion fires right back, with a slap to Stevenson’s face!

Chris: Jordan Ciserano is not going to be disrespected by our number one contender, Drew Stevenson. Did you hear that slap?

Shawn: Ciserano defeated Sasha Foote at Vendetta on November 7th to win that Redefine championship, and I know he’s going to do whatever it takes to retain it tonight against the brash, but talented Stevenson.

Stevenson steps up in the face of Ciserano, attempting to intimidate him, but the champion is having none of it. Jordan hits a quick dropkick, sending Stevenson to the mat. The veteran slides under the bottom rope to catch a breather as the crowd lets him hear it!

Chris: The new found attitude of Death by Velocity certainly isn’t appreciated by all of the fans, but you can tell tonight that those in attendance are wanting the champion to retain.

Shawn: Drew Stevenson is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world, there’s no denying it. But the arrogance he lets off is a turn off to some people, regardless I don’t think he will allow the fans and their words for him at ringside get in his head. He’s here for one thing, and that’s to become the Redefine champion.

Drew slides back into the ring and as he does, Ciserano is there waiting. He grabs Stevenson and hits a snap suplex. He follows it up with a lightning quick leg drop, which gets him a two count. Jordan lifts the challenger back to his feet and whips him into the corner. Ciserano uses his speed, charging at the challenger. He jumps into the air, spreading both arms and hits a big time splash in the corner. Stevenson stumbles out and is hit with a fireman carry to the mat, Ciserano goes for another cover but again gets only a two count.

Shawn: Jordan Ciserano is using his speed advantage early on, and it’s working.

Stevenson sits up, and is greeted with a boot to the back by the champion. Ciserano then leans down, and goes to lock in a seated sleeperhold, but is shoved off by the challenger. Ciserano again charges towards the challenger, but is leveled with a brutal clothesline from Stevenson, that flips the champion through the air before he crashes to the mat. Stevenson stands up over his opponent and taunts, wiping the sweat from his brow towards the fallen champion. The crowd lets the challenger hear it!

Shawn: These fans are all over Drew Stevenson tonight!

Drew looks towards the fans with a grin on his face as he shouts ‘I told you I would be champion!’. Ciserano is making his way to his feet, but before he can regain his senses, he’s lifted up and drilled to the mat with a spine-tingling spinebuster! Drew Stevenson hooks a leg, going for the cover.




The fans applaud the heart of the champion to get his shoulder up, but Stevenson uses his veteran status to ignore the crowd, he continues going to work on the defending champion. He lifts Ciserano up, hooking both arms and hits a double underhook suplex. As the champion writhes in pain on the mat, Stevenson decides to toy with him. Using his boot to push the head of the champion repeatedly.

Chris: This is child’s play for Stevenson. I’m going on record right now and picking Drew to walk out with the title tonight.

Shawn: How are you going to make your pick after the match already started? Oh…nevermind.

Drew drops down to his knee’s, right at the head of the fallen champion. He lifts Jordan’s head from the mat and slaps him three times before putting a forearm over the face of the champion, going for a cover. His dirty tactic earns him only a two count, much to his frustration. He argues with the referee that it was a three count, and as he’s temporarily distracted, he’s caught with a devastating buzzsaw kick from Ciserano. Jordan falls on top of the challenger, attempting a pin.




Chris: Ciserano is desperate! He reached into his bag of tricks, but the joke was on him as he only got a two count.

Shawn: Desperate? Are we watching the same match? Drew has been in control for the majority, but Jordan is our champion for a reason. He overcame Sasha Foote, and I believe he can overcome Drew Stevenson tonight.

Stevenson actually beats Ciserano to his feet, but Ciserano is quicker, connecting with a kick to the stomach that forces the challenger to double over in pain. Ciserano drops to the mat and lifts his foot, hitting an up-kick to the chin that sends Stevenson flying backwards to the mat. Jordan kips up, runs to the ropes and springboards off the middle rope, hitting a springboard moonsault. He hooks a leg, going for a cover.




The champion can’t believe it, but instead of arguing, he backs off, waiting for Stevenson to get to his feet. As he does, Ciserano hits his Ciserano Special, three consecutive dropkicks! After hitting the third one, the crowd is in a frenzy as Ciserano hooks both legs this time.

Chris: No! You have to kick out Drew!





The crowd let out a collective gasp, thinking this one was over.

Shawn: Can you believe that? Drew Stevenson just beat the three count, this one was almost over.

Chris: Almost doesn’t count, but even I have to admit, I was nervous on that one.

Drew cowers over to the corner but Jordan isn’t going to let up. He walks over and grabs Drew by the hair as the referee tells him to let go of the hair. Before Ciserano can listen to the ref’s demands, Stevenson trips Ciserano, sending his head crashing into the middle turnbuckle. The champion holds his face in pain as Stevenson takes in a few deep breaths. Ciserano pulls himself up using the ropes, but turns around to a waiting Drew Stevenson, who hits a fisherman suplex. The move gets him a two count before the champion kicks out. Noticing that Ciserano isn’t moving towards his feet, Stevenson’s eyes pop open and he quickly scales the ropes, heading to the top. He looks around for a moment.

Chris: We know what’s coming next, Shawn!

Drew Stevenson leaps off the top rope!

Shawn: The Emperor’s Fall! And it connects!

After hitting his signature elbow drop, Stevenson dusts his hands off and yells ‘its over!’. He goes for a pin.





Chris: WHAT!? How the hell did he kick out from that?!

Shawn: Its the heart of a champion, Chris!

Stevenson can’t believe it. ‘STAY DOWN!’ he shouts, as he puts the boots to the chest of the champion. He follows it up with three elbow drops, and goes for another pin, but this time gets a ONE COUNT! Stevenson pulls the champion to his feet aggressively, and whips him into the ropes. As Ciserano reaches Stevenson, Drew tosses him straight up in the air, but Ciserano counters it as he falls down, hitting a dropkick to the challengers chest! The crowd is on their feet!

Crowd: Death by Velocity, Lets go Jor-dan! Death by Velocity, Lets go Jor-dan!

Shawn: Jordan Ciserano has the crowd on their feet, this match has been incredible!

Ciserano takes Stevenson’s head, and hooks it in a DDT position. He then runs towards the ropes, leaps up and hits a springboard tornado DDT! He doesn’t go for the pin, instead, he makes his way to the top rope. Stevenson slowly makes his way to his feet, and as he reaches a full stance, he’s met with a flying moonsault from the champion. Ciserano hooks both legs but AGAIN only gets a TWO COUNT!

Shawn: Neither man can put the other away! This match could go on all night, and I for one, am not complaining!

Ciserano is first to his feet this time, as Drew reaches his own, Ciserano runs at him, but Drew hoists the champion into the air, dropping him throat first across the top rope. Jordan falls backwards clutching at his throat, desperately trying to catch his breath. Stevenson grabs the kicking feet of the champion and pushes them towards his head, going for a pin as he places his own feet on the ropes for leverage.

Shawn: Come on ref, his feet are on the ropes!

Chris: But the ref doesn’t see it!





Shawn: Drew Stevenson almost stole the Redefine championship!

Chris: Stole? He used his experience to his advantage, that was a smart move!

Stevenson pleads with the referee, arguing that it HAD to be a three count, but he’s informed that it wasn’t. Wasting no more time, he moves towards Ciserano, and grabs his legs. He maneuvers him into the Missouri Cloverleaf! He has it locked in!

Chris: THIS IS IT! Nobody escapes the Missouri Cloverleaf!

Ciserano screams out in pain, lifting his hand, teasing a tap out. Instead, he balls his fists and presses them both to the mat, crawling towards the ropes.

Shawn: He’s trying to make it to the ropes, but he has quite the distance to go.

Stevenson leans back, applying more pressure as Ciserano reaches towards the ropes but he’s still out of reach. Drew shouts out ‘Tap or I’ll break you!’. The words, while intimidating, don’t deter the champion from his quest to reach the ropes. He’s still JUST out of reach. Finally, after more crawling, he’s able to grab the bottom rope, as the ref instructs Drew to break the hold. Stevenson shakes his head, denying the request. The referee begins issuing a count, warning of a disqualification.





FI-Drew lets the hold go, smirking as he does.

Shawn: Would you look at that? He’s proud of himself right now.

Chris: Wouldn’t you be too? He nearly made the champion tap out, and then used his four count to his advantage. He did nothing wrong.

Stevenson lifts the champion to his feet, toying with him now. He slaps the champion in the face, spinning him around on his feet, but to Stevenson’s surprise, as Ciserano turns back around, he hits the CISERANO SUPERKICK out of nowhere!!! Both men collapse to the mat!


Shawn: Did you see that?! Jordan Ciserano hit the superkick out of nowhere, and if he can make it over to Stevenson, this one could be over!

Chris: But look, Stevenson is already crawling towards the ropes, he’s pulling himself up.

Shawn: So is Ciserano, both men are making it back to their feet.

Drew lets go of the top rope and turns around, he’s able to duck another attempted Ciserano Superkick. He grabs the champion and hits the Final Conflict! The crowd can’t believe it as Stevenson hooks the leg!




NO!!!!! Jordan Ciserano is able to kick out at the last minute.

Shawn: What. The. Actual. Fuck?

Chris: You can tell Jordan Ciserano has been training with John Pariah. He has that same never give up attitude!

Drew begins to argue with the ref-saying it should be three.  He shakes his head before going back over to Ciserano. He sets him up for another Final Conflict. The crowd is mixed, when suddenly Saint Saito’s music hits the PA System.

Shawn: WHAT?!

Chris: Don’t tell me! She won Golden Dreams earlier…..is she going to cash in NOW?!

The crowd cheers, as Drew and Jordan look at the stage.

Drew: This is supposed to be you and me—

Suddenly, Caliban and Pariah hit the ring from the crowd-attacking Drew.

Chris: Those vultures!

The crowd boos as the three lay into Drew Stevenson-dropping him with a big spine buster from Pariah. He gets up and makes a gun motion at Drews head-before standing him up. The crowd boos as Death by Velocity hit a double super kick to Drews head-and Pariah connects with Mirakuru all at once.


Shawn: Seriously?


The crowd boos loudly, as we cut backstage to The Definition looks on from their locker room. In the ring, Jordan hooks the leg of Drew Stevenson:


Shawn: Not like this!


Chris: ITS OVER!!




Mercedes: Here is you….

Pariah takes the mic from her…

John Pariah: Here is your winner and STILL REDEFINE World Heavyweight Champion…..the King of Queen City…and the ARCHETYPEs…..JORDAN….CISERANO!!!!!

The crowd boos loudly, as all three stand tall over Drew Stevenson.

Pariah: You want a war? You got a war! We are the mother fucking kings of the world…and this is our house!

Pariah throws the mic down, as they hold their arms up and “Thrones” by Bring me the Horizon echoes over the PA System




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