Chicago, IL

Saturday, January 2nd 2016


A recap video from REvolution: END GAME is shown, high lighting the Golden Dreams Ladder Match, with Saint Saito holding the briefcase high above her head. The formation of the Definition, and their war brewing with ARCHETYPE.


Shawn Matthews: Welcome to REDEFINE 30-ONLY on FOX SPORTS ONE!

Chris Caudill: REDEFINE Arena is home to the first event of 2016-and what a HUGE night of action it will be!

Shawn: Tonight, the World Tag Team Championships are up for grabs, as the war between ARCHETYPE and THE DEFINITION begins!

Chris: Let’s send it ringside, and kick things off with singles action!


The bell rings as Chase and Richards lock up in the middle of the ring. Richards goes behind Chase and shoves him into the ropes, and rolls backwards-obviously going for a quick roll up. Richards forces his way out before one-sending Chase into the ropes and out to the apron. He goes on the attack-but Chase drives his shoulder into the ribs of Jason Richards, and slingshots in with a DDT. He rolls Jason Richards up for a two count, before picking him up and shooting him into the ropes.

Chris: You know both of these former champions would love to start 2016 off with a victory!

Richards hits the corner, and Chase goes for a splash-but Richards gets his feet up. He dazes Chase-before connecting with an elbow to the back of the head. He drops Chase to the mat, and locks in a neck based submission. The crowd is mixed as Anton powers up to his feet, and drives him back into the corner. The crowd pops as Chase steps out-and hits a pele kick to the head of Jason Richards. The crowd is mixed as he grabs Jason, and drops him with the Starmaker. He rolls him up:




The crowd pops as Jason Richards kicks out before the three count. Chase looks shocked as he picks him up and goes for Chaos Theory-but Jason blocks it and delivers a series of strikes to the ribs of Anton Chase. He drops him with the Emerald City Bomb as the crowd roars. He rolls him into the cover:




Shawn: NO WAY!

Chris: What a way to kick off REDEFINE in 2016!

Richards lifts up Chase, and sends him into the ropes. He goes for It Came From Japan-but Chase ducks, and delivers a hard shot to the back of the head. He than drops Jason with the Chaos Theory as the crowd is mixed. He rolls him up:






The crowd roars as Chase celebrates a big win, suddenly the lights go out-and the menacing guitar intro of “Charisma” by WASP. The crowd boos as the word “PARIAH” is etched on the tron. John Pariah steps out onto the stage-wearing a black t-shirt and a black pair of pants. He takes a mic from Mercedes, and climbs into the ring-when suddenly the lights go out and words are etched on the tron.


The screen goes black, and the lights come back up. Pariah is still in the ring, mic in hand, as is Anton Chase and Jason Richards. all looking confused.

Shawn: The hell was that?

Pariah: Get out of my fucking ring Anton…you too Jason.

Chase and Richards refuses…as they look at Pariah, mouthing off.

Pariah: Seriously? You want to do this? Fine.

He drops the mic-and hits a Pop Up Powerbomb on Anton Chase. The crowd boos as he turns to Richards, who comes after him. He shoves him chest first into the ropes-and as he turns around, Pariah acts like he’s going for a rolling elbow-but instead turns and kicks Richards in the face-taking his head off. Both men roll to the floor, as Pariah grabs the mic.

Pariah: The next time I ask somebody to leave my fucking ring, maybe they’ll listen. You see, I have 99 problems running this fucking company-and the first one is everyone asking me “why?”. Why did I take REDEFINE from my brother? Why did I form ARCHETYPE? Why, why, why, why, why? Well..I don’t need to give any of you ungrateful sacks of shit an answer. I do what I do, with this companies best interest in mine. I don’t need some fucking rookies riding my ass about it. I don’t need Marisol Hawkes-Silk-Johnston-Disco Stu-Terwilliger riding my ass about it. I don’t need anybody riding my ass about it. With Jason in charge, did REDEFINE go to Australia? No. Did we go to the UK? No. Did we bring in the top talents in the world? No. REDEFINE was on the brink of closing-so I took the company, and I funneled every dime I made from HOW back into REDEFINE. In a way, you can say that Lee Best funded REDEFINE….and I’m shockingly okay with that! What I am not okay with, is these fucking rookies, trying to come into MY company-and get into MY business…people like fucking Emile Black-and this “Definition” group of his. There is a line a mile long of people who want to fight me, and really-he should get at the back of the line where he fucking belongs. But no. Next week, I decided to piss away my investment in him-because next week…I’m going to end him. I promise you this. Next week: Pariah vs Black will be a No Disqualification Match…and the Definition and ARCHETYPE will be BANNED FROM RINGSIDE!

The crowd cheers.

Pariah: Because Emile, I want to see you try and beat me son. I am the King of Wrestling, and this is my fucking kingdom….

Chris: John Pariah making a statement to-wait what?

The crowd pops as Noah Hanson hops the railing and stands behind Pariah-before tapping him on the shoulder.


Matthews: What the hell is he doing here? He hasn’t been here since that one shot deal a couple months ago and to be honest i really never thought I’d see Noah here after what Pariah did to him at HOW’s Rage at the Rock. I mean he destroyed Noah and basically cost him his career in HOW.

Caudill: Well he never really had much of a career in HOW as it was but still i get what you’re saying…

[Noah is now standing face to face with Pariah and Pariah looks livid as Hanson pulls out a ticket and waves it in his face and then shows him a bottle of water and some nachos and then smiles confidently. Noah hands the nachos to someone sitting next to him and then takes a drink of his water and spits it in the face of Pariah and then blasts him across the face with the bottle and then hops the railing and attacks Pariah. Noah hits a series of lefts and then a right and then goes to clothesline Pariah but he ducks and hits a hangmans neckbreaker as Noah went by. Pariah grabs Noah and tries to post him but Noah reverses and sends Pariah into the post face first.]

Caudill: A very mixed reaction to the attack so far as alot of the Chicago faithful are just so damn loyal to Pariah and then the rest just love a good fight.

[Pariah struggles to get to his feet and Noah went over to the ring announcer and grabbed a live mic and then walked over to Pariah and nails him between the eyes with the mic. A small trickle of blood is shown running down the face of the Chicago legend and Noah starts to talk.]

Noah: Pariah, see i did something you couldn’t do you piece of shit! I stood right in front of you and attacked you. I wanted you to see who it was that went after you, i wanted you to know who made you bleed and i wanted to do it in your own backyard. The way i see it you’re no better then Jason Parker Davidson and Michelle Leann Best two self serving douchebags that suck each others dicks and further their own gay fucking agenda. You came to HOW and tried to end me, tried to kill me but don’t you read my fucking press package I have walked away from worse then you could ever imagine just like alot of things in life you FAILED! You have failed in bed anyone can ask Lilith, you have failed as a world class wrestler and you have once again failed to get the job done.

[Pariah has gotten to his feet and security is now in between the two men. Pariah is visibly pissed and is being held back by the security.]

Noah: Hey Johnboy don’t worry I don’t plan on sticking around i just wanted to make sure you saw that even though you tried to end me but the fact is you failed. Oh and Brian Hollywood i know you’re back there somewhere pal I know you’re waiting for you’re twenty shot at the HOW World title and you’ll fail just as badly as John here did at ending me but hey you keep being loyal to that OTHER fed here in Chicago the one that seems to want to live in the past instead of embracing the future. Brian there was a time when i could see the potential in you, i could see that you’d be a diamond, a fucking star but all you are is a stooge you might not be alliance material but make no mistake you have Best dripping off your chin pal. Back to you John we will meet somewhere, sometime and then all this will be settled….

[Noah drops the mic and hops the railing as a few fans pat Noah on the shoulder but Noah doesn’t react just grabbing some fans water, taking a drink and then tossing it to him.]

Caudill: Well seems like Noah has returned the favor to Pariah from a few months ago and Pariah is now smiling and wipes the blood from his face and smears it across his chest almost proudly.

Matthews: Well Noah may not work here but he sure did make a statement…




The bell rings, as Xandor Cross and Jason Aries lock up in the middle of the ring. Cross shoots Aries into the ropes and connects with a trio of lariats-taking the former World Champion’s head off with each strike. He lifts up the former Student of Pariah, and sends him into the corner, following up with a running splash. He pulls him out and locks in an arm wringer-but Aries rolls through it and goes behind Cross, shoving him into the corner and connecting with a huge side kick to the back of his head.

Chris: Aries looking to mount a comeback.

He grabs Cross and sends him across the ring-hitting a running dropkick in the corner. Cross sits down in the corner, as Aries hits a hesitation dropkick, connecting with the face of the newcomer. He pulls him up, and slams him head first into the corner-before sending him across the ring into the ropes. He goes for a hurricanranna-but Cross blocks it and drops him backwards across the top rope. The crowd is mixed as he connects with a Superman Punch-nearly caving in the face of the former Second City Champion. He rolls him into the cover:





Shawn: Aries is able to kick out.

Cross is shocked as he picks up Aries. He shoots Aries into the corner-and runs at him. Aries lifts himself up and gets behind Xandor, before running at him and ducking a lariat. He springs off the middle rope and catches Xandor with a cutter as the crowd pops.

Aries: GOTCHA!

He rolls Xandor Cross up for a cover:





Chris: Xandor Cross kicked out before the three count! No WAY!

In the ring, Aries looks shocked. He picks him up and sends him into the corner. He goes of the War Hammer-but Xandor blocks it and reverses it-dropping Aries with Golgotha as the crowd errupts.

Shawn: WOAH!

Chris: That has to be it!

Xander rolls Aries up:






The crowd is mixed as Xandor Cross holds his arms up in victory, celebrating his win over a former Second City Champion as we go to commercials.


BACKSTAGE: Carmen Cambridge is talking about her match with Xavier Laroux.


Chris: Our next match features Faolan Reid against Emile Black of The Definition.  Faolan and his wife recently added baby Arya to their family.  He was involved in the Golden Dreams ladder match, coming up short, at EndGame.  Emile Black won his debut against Devin St. Claire on that night.

“What’s Left of The Flag” by Flogging Molly as Faolan comes out to the beat of the music shirtless and with black shorts on and the Irish flag on his shoulders. He slides into the ring and raises his flag high.

Mercedes: Introducing first…FAOLAN REID!!!

“Ante Up” by MOP hits the PA system as the crowd pops. Emile Black heads down the ramp, keeping his eyes on Faolan the whole time. He slides into the ring as the music fades out.

Mercedes: His opponent..The Definition of Entertainment…EMILE BLACK!!!

Shawn: Emile Black has been very outspoken about his debut victory on Twitter, which drew the ire of Faolan this week.

Chris: Let’s see if the kid is a one-hit wonder or if he can beat the Irishman.

The referee issues final instructions and calls for the bell.  The two men step to the center of the ring and exchange words.  Reid stands just two inches taller than black, and the two only have a five-pound weight difference.  Emile reaches out to kick Faolan, but he pushes his foot back down to the mat.  Black then swings his right arm, which Reid ducks, executing a neck breaker.  He kicks Emile in the chest and picks him up.  Emile rolls him up.

Chris: Quick thinking.  Emile with the small package.

Shawn: Heh.

The pin attempt nets just over a one-count, but Emile pops up smirking at Faolan.  They lock up, and Reid powers through with a stalling vertical suplex.  Emile wiggles around and escapes as the Irishman drops back.  The counter lands Emile atop Faolan for a pin.



Emile pops up again and looks out to the crowd, motioning to himself.

Emile: That’s why I’m the DEFINITION of Entertainment!

The crowd pandering pays Emile no benefit aside a bit of a pop as Faolan lifts him into the air with a belly to back suplex.  He drops Black onto his stomach and quickly shifts into a fujiwara armbar.  Emile writhes in pain as the referee comes over to check on him.

Chris: That was the definition of taking your eyes off of your opponent.

Shawn: Ugh!

Emile struggles a bit but manages to reach out to the bottom rope with his left boot.  Faolan releases the hold and waits for Emile to get up.  When he starts to get up, Faolan grabs him and pushes him into the corner, delivering several kicks to the downed Definition member.

Chris: Faolan Reid not letting up here.

Shawn: Well, he felt disrespected by Emile and that he doesn’t back down from a fight.

The referee tells Faolan to back up, which he does.  When he backs up, Emile comes bouncing out of the corner with a springboard clothesline.  The move sends Reid tumbling backward to the mat.

Chris: This could be Emile’s moment if he can take advantage.

He goes over and pulls Faolan up by the head.  Once halfway to his feet, Faolan leaps into the air and hits Potato Famine (Code Breaker).  He crawls over and covers him.




Emile gets his shoulder up just in the nick of time and rolls to the outside of the ring.  Both competitors take their opportunity to catch a breath plot their next course of action.  The fans start clapping and showing their support for their favorite in the matchup.  As the referee gets to four, Emile pulls himself onto the apron as Faolan heads toward the ropes.  Emile leaps hitting an Enziguri to the side of Faolan’s head.  He crumples to the canvas.  

Emile springboards back into the ring with a front-flip senton.  He turns around and covers.





Faolan manages to get his foot on the ropes.  Emile celebrates, but the referee motions about the foot on the ropes.  He lifts a dazed Faolan and pushes him into the corner, lifting him onto the top turnbuckle.  He elbows him in the head and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle.  Fans begin to cheer as he goes to lift for a superplex.  Reid blocks twice and delivers an elbow of his own.  It staggers Black, but he quickly leaps, hitting a frankensteiner.  Emile goes pulls Faolan a little closer to the corner and climbs up.  He leaps off and hits a 630 Splash.

Chris: 36 Special!





Mercedes: Here is your winner, EMILE BLACK!!!

“Ante Up” plays again, and the ref raises Emile’s hand.


BACKSTAGE: Xavier Laroux is cutting a promo on the TV Champion Carmen Cambridge.


Faolan Reid is seen backstage, after his loss to Emile Black. He walks past John Pariah, who is heading to his office.

Pariah: Tough break…

Reid: Aye…

Pariah: Think about what I said Faolan….you deserve better than them….

Pariah pats Reid on the shoulder, and heads to his office as we go to ringside.





The bell rings as Carmen immediately goes on the attack-as Xavier is making his entrance. She delivers a series of strikes to the back of the head-before slamming him into the turnbuckle. She turns him around and drives her shoulders into his ribs, before shooting him across the ring and connecting with a running kick to the headlling . She pulls him out of the corner, and delivers a hard uppercut to the jaw, before dropping him with a jawbreaker. She bounces off the ropes and connects with a lariat-yelling to the crowd as she makes contact.

Shawn: I think Carmen feels she’s been taken lightly. Now that she is the Television Champion-she wants to prove everyone wrong.

In the ring, Carmen sits up Xavier-and connects with a trio of kicks to the spine. She runs the ropes going for a kick-but Xavier grabs her leg, stands up and drops her onto her back. She rolls backwards and lunges at Xavier-who hits a drop toe hold and floats over into a front face lock, before she battles to her knees-and begins to fight out of the hold. She breaks it-and swings for a haymaker-but Xavier ducks and hooks her arm-elbowing her in the back of the head and dropping her backwards with a half nelson suplex. Carmen rolls backwards into the corner, as Xavier runs at her and drives his shoulder into her ribs. He smirks as he runs at her a second time-driving his shoulders into ribs again. He stands back and delivers a roundhouse elbow to the face-knocking her down to the mat. He runs the ropes and hits a baseball slide kick-driving his feet into her ribs and sending her out to the floor. He shakes his head as he lifts her up and sends her into the steel railing. He slides her back into the ring and rolls her up:




He lifts her up and locks in an abdominal stretch, ripping at her ribs, before delivering a pair of strikes to the ribs. She yells in pain-before yelling again and flipping him over with a hip toss. She drives her elbow into his face-and rolls to the ropes, holding her ribs as the crowd boos her. She stands up as Xavier gets to a knee and she connects with a side kick, before dropping him with a DDT to the mat. She rolls him up for the cover:




She sighs, lifting him up and shooting him into the rcroner. She hits a running splash as the crowd boos loudly. She drags him out and connects with an enziguri kick-dazing Xavier, before she hits The Slicer. The crowd erupts with boos as she rolls him into the cover:





Shawn: He kicked out of the Slicer!

Chris: Carmen is pissed!

She lifts him up, and shoves him into the ropes. He hits chest first and stumbles back-as she hits the Twin Bridgeplex, bridging for the pin:





The crowd boos loudly as Carmen Cambridge rolls to the floor-holding her ribs and holding up the TV Title.

Chris: Huge win for The Definition here, over Xavier Laroux!


We cut backstage, where John Pariah is talking to a producer.

Pariah: What the hell was that earlier? Who sent that message?

Producer: John, I have no idea. Seriously. It looked like somebody hacked it.

Pariah: Hacked? HACKED? Who the hell does that?

Producer: Yeah..you got me John. Our firewalls are pretty secure.

Pariah: Obviously not…

Pariah sighs, and steps back-before super kicking the producer in the face.

Pariah: I’m sick of these fuck ups.

He pulls his phone out, and dials the head of the EPU.

Pariah: I have some trash for you to take out…and beef up security. I’m tired of this shit.

He hangs up as we fade to commercial


BACKSTAGE: Drew Stevenson is cutting a promo about almost becoming World Champion at End Game, and how tonight-he will end Brian Hollywood.


Both Alexis and Ricky are in the ring. Ricky is the first to strike, grabbing Alexis before she can move away, and whips her into the ropes. Ricky doubles over, looking for a back body drop. But Alexis grabs a hold of the ropes, and doesnt bounce back towards Ricky. He looks up, and instead of Alexis bouncing towards him, she is now running towards him and hits him with a drop kick. Ricky bounces off the ropes and Alexis takes him down with a drop toe hold, while still on the ground. Alexis doesnt miss a beat. She gets on top of Ricky and puts him in a choke hold. But Ricky starts to stand up, and she moves it to a side head lock. Ricky pushes Alexis off him, chest first into the turnbuckle. Alexis’s back is towards Ricky as he takes her down with a Russian leg sweep.

Chris: Alexis and Ricky sure are going at it..

Shawn: You have to believe that Alexis wants a shot at the World Title, and Ricky is looking to move up the ranks-after his impressive win at End Game!

Ricky is quick to get up with the leg drop, hitting Alexis square in the middle of the chest. Ricky backs up and bounces off the ropes, looking for another leg drop. But Alexis rolls out of the way this time, and Ricky gets nothing but the mat. In a seated position now, Alexis hits Ricky with a flipping neck breaker, that puts them both on their backs. Alexis grabs a hold of Ricky and puts in him a suplex position. She tries to lift him up, but its to much. Ricky picks Alexis up and drops her chest first on the ropes, just dangling there. Ricky backs up, looking for an opportunity for a big clothesline. He takes off, Alexis still just dangling there. But she gets off the ropes at the last minute and pulls them down, sending Ricky up and over the top ropes. He tries to pull himself off, but Alexis jumps on the second rope, and moonsults right on top of Ricky.

Shawn: And this is the style that Alexis is famous for. No fear of any moves.

Chris: And she does it well. She reminds me of an acrobate in that ring. Some of the things she can force her body to do is amazing.

Alexis starts to make her way up, and grabs a hold of Ricky. She lifts him up half way and sends a club to his back, dropping him to one knee. Alexis hooks Ricky up in what looks like a DDT position. But Ricky starts to fight out of it, sending a right hand to the gut of Alexis, and then drives her back into the stairs, causing her to loosen up her grip on Ricky who sends a few chops to her chest. The ref has gotten to a seven count, and Ricky rolls back in the ring, and pulls Alexis back in with him. He grabs a hold of her, and drops her with a quick snap suplex and then climbs up to the second rope.

Shawn: Ricky is going on that second rope, looking to add some punishment to Alexis .

Ricky takes off, and hits a hard elbow to the chest of Alexis, Ricky goes for the pin.




Chris: Not enough for Ricky Stanton to get the win.

Ricky picks up Alexis , and puts her upside down on the turnbuckle in a tree of whoa. Ricky backs up, and takes a sprinting start, looking to hit her with a baseball slide. But Alexis raises herself up, and Ricky slides right into the metal part of the turnbuckle. Alexis undoes her legs in the turnbuckle, and lands on the outside. She grabs a hold of Ricky’s legs and pulls hard, driving the family jewels into the post.

Shawn: Now that’s going to leave a mark.

Chris: Ricky is in a bad way right now.

Alexis is up as she climbs up on the top rope and drops down with a double foot drop right on Rickys chest. He looks to be hurt as she grabs him by the head, looking for a DDT. and plants him head first. She goes up to the top rope-and delivers the Most Glamorous Moonsault Ever hooking the leg of Ricky Stanton!




Shawn: Alexis with the win!

[The fans boo as Alexis Terry rolls to the floor smiling.]


BACKSTAGE: Death by Velocity are talking about their World Tag Team Title Match. Pariah says tonight-the ARCHETYPE will show their dominance over The Definition, and keep those titles at home. Caliban asks about the attack by Hanson, and Pariah says he doesn’t care. Next week-he’s going to end Emile Black-and end the Definition….





Chris: This next match was billed as a destined match up that would be a huge draw.

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed blasts over the PA system as the crowd starts busting out in cheers. A black limo pulls out close to the ramp on the left side of the arena. The limo driver steps out of the car and walks towards the back of the limo. The writing on the door is inscripted as “Mr. Hollywood.” The Limo Driver then opens the door and showcases Brian Hollywood as he steps out of the car. Hollywood looks around each sides of the arena before making his way to the ramp. Walking down the ramp he extends his hands out giving out handshakes to the crowd.

Hollywood then gets to the ring and walks around the ring once looking about the crowd before walking up the ring steps. He gets in the ring and pumps up the crowd with his hands. Hollywood then walks and stretches by pulling the ropes. He then walks to a turnbuckle and leans up against it and waits for Drew to enter.

Mercedes: Introducing first…BRIAN HOLLYWOOD!!!

The arena lights suddenly just shut off consuming the arena into complete darkness. The sudden engulfing of a massive bright spotlight shines down onto the entry area, the fans try looking through it but it is far too bright to see through it with the naked eye. Suddenly, the public address sound system comes on playing “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc as the stage is still engulfed in the massive light. After a few seconds, the spotlight begins fading away and the arena lights return to life as there stands Drew Stevenson with his hands on his hips just looking out nodding as these fans boo him heavily, he just begins walking down the aisle sporting his usual attire which consists of dark green wrestling pants, dark green knee pads, boots and his hands taped up in dark green tape as well. He begins walking down the aisle until he gets down to the ring, he quickly rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope immediately getting back to his feet just pacing the ring simply awaiting for the bell to ring thus getting this match underway.

Mercedes: And his opponent…DREW STEVENSON!!!

Shawn: Both men shared their piece on their thoughts on their PWX situation, but now it’s time for them to get this match under way.


The two get to the center of the ring and lock up.  Drew puts Brian in a headlock and wrenches.  Mr. Executive pushes off, sending Stevenson into an Irish whip.  He leapfrogs Drew and drops to the mat on the rebound.  On Drew’s third pass he lays into him with a shoulder block.  He drops to the mat, getting less than a one from the ref.  He picks Brian up, dropping him into a suplex. Again, he covers with the same result.

Shawn: Is Drew trying to finish this quickly or just toying with Brian so far?

Chris: Maybe he just wants to prove that Redefine is his stomping grounds since “Mr. Executive” said he didn’t expect to ever come back here.

Drew Stevenson  picks Brian Hollywood back up going for another suplex.  Brian blocks the attempt, as well as a second.  He drops back with a DDT on Stevenson.  He drops an elbow to the heart of Drew and covers.  This nets a one after a fast kick out.  Both men exchange strikes on their way back to their feet.  On a punch exchange,  Drew dodges and grabs the arm, pulling Brian toward him.  He finishes this with an Anderson style spinebuster.  He mounts Hollywood and punches him in the face several times.  He receives a verbal warning and ignores it.  

The crowd boos as the referee starts a five-count.  Naturally, he stops at four and fusses again.  The Emerald gets up, lifting Mr. Executive with him.  Brian staggers him with a forearm smash and dives with a spear.  Both men lie on the mat for a moment.

Chris: Quick exchange here as both men have had slight advantages so far.

Hollywood climbs onto the nearby second turnbuckle awaiting Drew.  When he stands up, Hollywood leaps off with a missile dropkick.  The Executive stalks his opponent again.  When he gets up, Brian grabs him for a back suplex.  Drew rears back with an elbow to the jaw.  He spins around into a Diamond cutter!

Shawn: Classic back and forth here.

Chris: Amazing line.

Shawn gives him a dirty look as the camera pans back to the ring.  Hollywood whips Stevenson into the corner.  He follows in for a running big boot.   Drew moves his head out of the way. Brian’s leg hung over the top rope; Drew kicks said leg and T-bones him into the corner.

Chris: Oh, my goodness!

Drew then begins to stomp away at the cornered Brian.  He gets pulled back off a little and yells at the ref.  He then turns back to the corner, where Brian is trying to pull himself up using the ropes.  Drew rushes in and splashes him into the corner.

Shawn: Ouch, Brian Hollywood’s head hit the middle turnbuckle on impact from that splash by Drew!

The Emerald climbs to the top rope, leaping with a Randy Savage esque flying elbow drop.

Chris: The Emperor’s Fall!

Shawn: It may be The Executive’s Fall in this case.

Drew drops to cover.




Chris: Wow!

The replay shows a shoulder up just before the ref’s hand struck for a third time.  Stevenson hits the mat but maintains his composure. He lifts Hollywood up and tosses him into the corner again.  He follows in for another splash but gets leveled with a superkick!

Shawn: Executive Promise!

Chris: Yes, but he’s going to have to dig deep to find the strength to take advantage here after that vicious series by Drew.

Brian Hollywood falls to a knee as Drew Stevenson falls backward to the mat.  When he gets up to his feet, the audience does, too.  The crowd is feeling this match and the suspense thereof.  When Drew gets to a knee, Brian positions himself for another superkick.  He shifts his weight reaching out with the kick.  With one hand, Drew catches said leg and uses his right foot to sweep Brian off balance.  He quickly puts Hollywood in the Missouri cloverleaf.  He pulls him toward the center of the ring.  Brian claws trying to pull himself toward the ropes.  Drew pulls back, forcing Brian to tap out.

Mercedes: The winner of the match, by submission…DREW STEVENSON!!!

Chris: He wanted to prove this was his yard.  

Shawn: And Drew Stevenson did just that.

“I’m the Man” plays again, and the referee raises Drew’s hand.  He looks down at Brian before exiting the ring.





MATCH:006 | REDEFINE World Tag Team Championship Match:




The bell rings as our official holds up the World Tag Team Championship belt. John Pariah-the owner of REDEFINE is at ringside, joining Chris and Shawn on commentary.

Pariah: It’s time for the fucking main event guys!

Chris: It’s great to have you here Mr. Pariah.

Pariah: Who the hell hired you?


The crowd explodes as the World Champion, Jordan Ciserano and Dead Eye start the match off. They tie up, and Dead Eye goes behind Ciserano and goes for a side headlock. The champion shoves him off into the ropes and connects with a clothesline, and drops for a zero count as Dead Eye gets out before the ref even gets down. Jordan Ciserano goes for a quick side headlock-keeping “The Future” grounded. Dead Eye forces him up to his feet-and tries to shove him back into the ropes again. Ciserano puts on the breaks, and Dead Eye slips out and latches is arms around him-lifting him back with a german suplex as the crowd pops.

Chris: Odd, the fans kind of getting behind The Definition here tonight.

Shawn: I know…

Pariah: I don’t care.

Dead Eye bridges-but only gets a one count as the World Champion kicks out. He rolls through-but Dead Eye keeps his hands locked. Ciserano throws some elbows-and drops him with a jawbreaker. He shoots Dead Eye into the ropes-where Caliban kicks him in the spine. Jordan follows up with a swinging neck breaker. The crowd boos as he puts the boots to Dead Eye, before lifting him up and shoving him into DBV’s corner.

Pariah: Team work. These Definition losers don’t know a thing about it.

Ciserano tags in Caliban, who climbs into the ring and up to the middle rope as Jordan acts like he’s going to shoot him across the ring. He turns around and sends Dead Eye back toward the corner-as Caliban jumps off with a diving lariat. The crowd roars as he hooks the leg:



The former Triple Crown Champion lifts up Dead Eye and leans him into the ropes-delivering a back elbow strike. He then shoots him into the ropes and connects with a running dropkick, before delivering a series of kicks to the chest and head of his body. He taunts Jacob Daniels, and smirks-before flipping him off and nearly taking Dead Eye’s head off with a kick. He goes for a cover:




He sighs, lifting Dead Eye up and shooting him into the corner. Dead Eye grabs the corner and leaps over Caliban-whose charging into battle. Caliban turns around and is caught by a huge heel kick from Dead Eye. The crowd roars as he crawls to the ropes and climbs to his feet-connecting with a follow up knee strike to the face of Caliban. He lifts him up and sends him into the ropes-connecting with a hurricanranna-and he hooks the legs for a pin:




NO–Ciserano connects with a kick to the back of his head.

Shawn: OUCH!

Pariah: Those are my boys! Keep those titles!

The crowd boos as Ciserano grabs Dead Eye-and throws him out to the floor. He smirks as he turns around-and is met with a superman punch by Jacob Daniels-sending him into the corner. Jacob follows up with a running splash in the corner, and than lariats him over the top rope. He grabs Caliban, and drops him with the rope hung DDT as the crowd pops.

Shawn: He calls that move the Point of Impact!

Pariah: Stupid fucking name. Sounds like a high school nu metal band!

He rolls Caliban up:




Daniels sighs, and he lifts him up, shooting him into the corner and connecting with a boot of his own. The crowd pops as Daniels see’s Dead Eye get into the ring. He instructs Dead Eye to go up top, and then he hits the Daniels Driver on Caliban. The crowd pops loudly as Dead Eye climbs up-and Daniels connects with a running punch to the face of Ciserano-knocking him back to the apron. He climbs out onto the apron-and drops Ciserano on his back with a huge power bomb-driving him spine first on the apron.


Shawn: Oh wow!

Pariah: That son of a bitch.

Pariah drops his head set-and gets a closer look at the action. The crowd pops as Emile Black hits the ring and attacks Pariah. The two brawl up the ramp-and into the crowd, as Daniels and Ciserano lay on the mat.

Shawn: All hell is breaking loose!

In the ring, Dead Eye goes for the Red Death-but Caliban moves out of the way. He gets up-and connects with a super kick.


He grabs Dead Eye and connects with the Worlds Scariest Pile Driver as the crowd is mixed. He rolls him into the cover:





The crowd pops as Dead Eye grabs the bottom rope to break the count. Caliban gets into the ref’s face.

On the floor, medical staff are checking on Jordan Ciserano, as Jacob Daniels gets to his feet and gets on the apron-as Dead Eye reaches out and makes the tag.  Caliban turns around into a spine buster from Daniels as the crowd pops. He makes a cut throat motion-and lifts him up-dropping him with the Stir Of Echoes.

Shawn: THAT IS IT!!

Chris: Fuck…

He hooks the leg of Caliban:







The crowd EXPLODES as the two celebrate their win.

Shawn: We have NEW Tag Team Champions!

Chris: I don’t believe it!

Medical staff continue to check on Ciserano, as Caliban comes to and checks on him. Pariah comes back out to the ring as the Definition fade into the backstage area. Pariah grabs a mic, and grabs Jordans World Title belt..

Pariah: I don’t give a single fuck what you think…the ARCHETYPE still has this.

He holds up Jordans World Title belt.

Pariah: and next week..

Caliban takes the mic from Pariahs hand.

Caliban: Next week…I’m taking my TV Title back Carmen…because next week-its you and me again…..and this time…we’re going to hang it above the ring. Caliban vs Cambridge II….Tables. Ladders. Chairs!

Caliban helps Ciserano into the ring, and Pariah promptly hands him his title. They throw their arms up-as “Thrones” hits the PA and the crowd boos, and the credits come up

Shawn: Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to #REDEFINE2016!



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