CHICAGO: Contract negotiations are an interesting tale. Fox Sport One opted not to carry professional wrestling in 2016-and that left REDEFINE without a TV home, and without life.


Now, ownership has passed hands-and thanks to new investors, REDEFINE is reborn, and ready to be UNLEASHED on AXS TV!


REDEFINE: UNLEASHED will be a new weekly show, that will begin airing LIVE in March 2016 on AXSTV-but first?


Monday. February 29th…a day that only occurs once every four years-will bear witness to a once in a life time event. REDEFINE…THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD!
This LIVE, commercial free supercars will be called by former REDEFINE owner, Jason Parker Olesen, and newcomer to REDEFINE, Jack Lincoln III. This event will be the launching part for the new era of REDEFINE Pro Wrestling!


The event will eminate from the newly refurbished REDEFINE Arena in Chicago, IL! This new facility has improved seating, improved displays, improved acoustic-and the nachos are out of this world! The event will be broadcast LIVE on AXSTV!

Tickets for REDEFINE: The Great Leap Forward will go on sale, MONDAY, January 25th 2016 at 10AM-right here EXCLUSIVELY on REDEFINEPro.TV!


Follow us on Twitter at @REDEFINEPro, and check back here, at REDEFINEPro.TV for all the details as they become available!


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