An Open Letter to REDEFINE

The Following is from REDEFINE Owner, DECLAN BLACK


Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Declan Black. I am a former world champion of REDEFINE’s predecessor, Second City Wrestling, and just a few weeks ago, I was the first inductee into the REDEFINE Hall of Fame. Tonight, I come to you bearing a new title: I am the 100% owner of REDEFINE Pro Wrestling. Before I go on, I would like to thank Jason Parker Olesen, John Pariah, and the Tribune Company for selling me their shares. Furthermore, I would like to assure you all that I am committed to making sure REDEFINE’s product is pro wrestling, and pro wrestling in the truest sense. No convoluted love stories, no twenty-minute promos, and no all-too-present authority figure on television. You won’t be seeing my face too much when REDEFINE hits AXS TV on Monday nights, starting with The Great Leap Forward on February  the 29th, only when decisions and matches need to be made. REDEFINE is about wrestling, not overwrought drama.


REDEFINE, under my leadership, will become a federation that rewards hard work and above all, rewards consistency. To that end, I am pleased to announce a new points system, which will begin at The Great Leap Forward. Wins in singles competition will be rewarded with one point towards contention for the REDEFINE World’s Heavyweight Championship. When a challenger accumulates five points, they may “cash in” these points for a title shot at an event of their choosing, with the caveat that this opportunity may be redeemed no less than two weeks after the “cash in”, in the interest of the proper promotion and preparedness for such a match.


Competitors who accumulate more than five points may seek to set a stipulation of their choice for their title match, provided that said stipulation is agreed upon by me. Matches of high magnitude (eg. stipulation matches, special event matches, and the like) may be assigned a higher point value, at my discretion. Losses will cost a competitor the relevant point value for the match. Points can also be vacated as a disciplinary measure.


Further enforcing our emphasis on hard work, REDEFINE will recognize a “wrestler of the night” at all our events. This person will be the one perceived by me to have worked the most diligently in that week. Wrestlers of the Night will be awarded a bonus point, as well as a bonus of $10,000. However, disqualifications and countouts will be punished most highly here. In addition to point losses for disqualification or countout losses, no points will be awarded for wins by DQ or countout, and such finishes will incur monetary penalties that start at $5,000. Disqualifications and countouts hamper competition, the most central value that REDEFINE stands for.


Time limits will be imposed on REDEFINE matches. Standard singles and tag team matches will have a limit of thirty minutes, and matches for the REDEFINE World’s Heavyweight Championship will have a limit of sixty minutes. All main events will be subject to a TV time limit. No points are awarded or demerited in the case of a time limit draw.


REDEFINE will be returning to a special event schedule in the near future on i-Pay-Per-View. We will announce dates, locations, and ticket information on the program as soon as we have them nailed down, and will endeavor to have a little something special for you on our on-sale dates at the venue itself. I encourage you to stay tuned about this.


In closing, I would like to remind you all that tickets for The Great Leap Forward on February the 29th go on sale at 10:00 AM CST on Monday morning (January 25th), both online at and at the box office of the newly refurbished REDEFINE Arena in downtown Chicago, where this and all other REDEFINE events will be held until further notice. At the arena on the 25th, you’ll be treated to a free autograph signing and a two hour long Q&A with myself and John Pariah!


The arena is now property of REDEFINE, and we’ve taken the opportunity to expand seating, improve the acoustics and the sound system to the top levels available, add new 8K UHD video screens, and even add the capability for pyrotechnics. The fan experience will be off the charts-we’ve added land to the property for expanded parking (which is free with your valid admission), and concessions have been improved as much as was humanly possible. Truly I tell you that the new REDEFINE Pro Wrestling will be the ultimate fan experience.


I can’t wait to see you all in Chicago on the 25th, and to return to you REDEFINE Pro Wrestling on February 29th with The Great Leap Forward!


With my greatest regards,


Declan Black

Owner, REDEFINE Pro Wrestling



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