Rebuild. Rebirth. REDEFINE

VALPARAISO, IN | Talks began over the Fathers Day holiday last week, between former REDEFINE Co Owner Declan Black, John Pariah, and Jason Parker Olesen regarding the future of this brand. REDEFINE Pro is owned by PWX Entertainment LLC, which has now been purchased by Mark Cuban’s conglomerate.


You’ll remember, earlier this year-there was plans for REDEFINE to relaunch on AXSTV, with a new series called “UNLEASHED”. While AXS had the TV Time, REDEFINE could not secure funding for the events planned.


Things changed, as now AXS TV owns apparently 33% of PWX Entertainment, and subsequently the REDEFINE brand.


REDEFINE management, has begun reaching out to potential talent, and have tentatively linked July 30th with their relaunch. A live 3 hour event, called “REVIVAL II” will be held from Big Shots in Valparaiso, IN-a music venue that can fit about 300 fans. This will create a very intimate and unique experience, unlike any other professional wrestling event on the planet.
After that, REDEFINE will begin taping a new weekly event, “REDEFINE Fight Club” from Big Shots

The only comments AXSTV owner Mark Cuban would make-is that he will not be an on air character for the new REDEFINE program.


When contacted, former owners John Pariah, and Declan Black were unable for comment. Pariah did tweet that his brother, Jason Parker Olesen had sold him back his stock his in PWX Entertainment, so it is believed that JPO has nothing to do with this project.


Stay tuned to @REDEFINEPro on Twitter for further details.




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