We Are REDEFINE – Press Event Recap – 4-15-2017

CHICAGO, IL: The press gathered outside of the Portage Theater in Chicago, IL. A large REDEFINE and large FITE banner are on the stage, as Mudvayne’s “Solve Et Coagula” is playing over the PA. A representative from FITE TV steps out, and welcomes the people in attendance-and says todays event will be historic, as FITE has partnered with REDEFINE to create an original weekly television series-available EXCLUSIVELY on FITE. They have made a grand investment in REDEFINE Pro Wrestling,  but they’re not promoters. They’re know they’re the checkbook in this equation.


We know that we’re the checkbook for REDEFINE. And we’re fine with that. As long as this new venture returns our investment-we’re happy to let the wrestling people make the calls. We aren’t an energy company, our last name isn’t Carter. We aren’t ‘money marks’. We know the business we’re in-and we know where to place people in charge.

With that, he introduced the director of REDEFINE, a man who needed no introduction, Jason Parker Olesen came out to a loud ovation.


Thank you all for coming out today, especially on such short notice. Today we break ground on a new endeveaor. You heard the song play earlier, Mudvayne’s “Solve et Coagula”, that is our modus operandi right now. Loosely translated from Latin-that phrase means “Destroy to Recreate”. That is a phrase we are taking very literally. We are wiping away the sins of the past, the sins of PWX-and the sins of past iterations – and give you fans a product that YOU can be proud of. We are recreating, we are rebuilding, and we are going to once again….REDEFINE this sport!

The crowd enjoyed that line, but Jason wasn’t done.


We are going to REDEFINE Monday Nights, exclusively on FITE-and exclusively from the Portage Theater, right here in Chicago, IL! The home of REDEFINE! This unique venue will give our product a very unique and intimate presentation-one that is warm and inviting to the fans all over the world. Now I know, I said we were scorching the earth we walked on before-and that is true. I have gone out and hired all new staff for this project-and we have partnered with the Illinois Institute of Art. They are providing the students and production workers for our TV product.

The crowd cheered at that.


Christopher Hall, a broadcaster from The Fight Network and AXSTV is our new Color Commentator, and a good friend of mine-Mr. Richard Page is our Analyst. We’ve hired a new Ring Announcer and Backstage Interviewer-both of whom graduated from the Art Institute.

He brought them onto the stage-and they sat down behind him.


REDEFINE wants to do something different. We are working on a working relationship with various promotions around the world-not unlike the working relationship IMPACT has with NOAH in Japan, and CRASH in Mexico. A relationship in which we can align with other promotions-to showcase their talent on a new platform, not unlike WWE’s relationship with ICW or PROGRESS. We want to redefine the way this industry works, and we want to give you the absolute best product available-with the best talent in the world.

THe crowd cheered again, as JPO opened it up to questions.


RE: Start Date for the new season of REDEFINE on FITE

We are shooting for the end of May. We are currently signing talent-and will be announcing performers very soon. The show will air on Mondays, at 10PM Central Time.

RE: Some of the promotions they’ve contacted:

I can’t really say right now. We’ve spoken with quite a few-ones everyone should know-and a very surprises.

RE: Potential talent coming back.

Again-that is all to be detirmined. I’ve spoke with a few former champions, and a few other people. I have meetings all day today at my office downtown-and I hope to announce the first four names within a few days.

RE: Future touring plans.

Chicago is our home. We started as Second City Wrestling afterall. I don’t want to rule out ever running outside of Chicago, but right now-we’re starting here. The Portage Theater is fully behind us. It can fit about 2000 fans, and it gives us a unique presentation thats unlike any product out there, be it WWE, NXT, ROH, IMPACT…or independent companies like 4CW, FGA or NBW….we promise to provide you something unique and fresh-right here in the greatest city on the planet.

Stay tuned to weareredefine.com for more details, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @WeAreREDEFINEPW for the latest breaking news.





Former PWX and REDEFINE Owner, Jason Parker Olesen stepped to the po


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