From REDEFINE’s Official YouTube Channel


We opened in a dark warehouse, a shambled wrestling ring stood in the middle, and a man in a black pair of jeans and Wornstar t-shirt steps into it.


This is my temple. My home. The place I’ve spent the last seven months building, forging, creating. This is our home, our sanctuary, our pit. Why? So that one day-we can be reborn.

A spot light turns on, and we see Jason Parker Olesen standing in that ring.


My name is Jason Parker Olesen, and this place? The Pit? This is my gift to you, to Chicago-to professional wrestling as a whole. This is where we will rise, like a phoenix from the ashes. Where we will once again-redefine this business.

He puts his arms out-and a REDEFINE banner falls from the ceiling.


REBIRTH is coming.

The rest of the venue lights come on-and we see a REDEFINE logo on the screen at the top of the entrance way. The ring aprons, the red ropes-everything is in place. The sounds of “Let It Burn” by Cold Kingdom begin to fade into the background, as a logo appears on the screen.




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