#REBIRTH Recap – 9-23-2017 | Chicago, IL

Saturday, September 23rd 2017




JPO is standing in the ring, as the crowd cheers loudly-showering the ring with streamers.


“Thank you, and welcome to The Pit! The new home for REDEFINE Pro Wrestling! Tonight, it is a night where we honor what happened in the past, and look forward to the future. Tonight, is our…..REBIRTH!”


The crowd cheered.


“I want to thank you all for your continued support! This isn’t my REDEFINE, this is our REDEFINE! WE ARE REDEFINE! And tonight, we are reborn!”


The crowd erupted as the opening video played





Three Way Dance:

CJ Starkweather vs Grayson Shaw vs Devin St Claire



All three men stare each other down-as CJ and Shaw both begin double teaming St. Claire. The two heels throw the Nottingham Young Lion into the corner-and follow up with a pair of splashes. The crowd booes loudly as the stomp him to the mat, before throwing him out to the floor. The crowd boo louder as CJ turns Shaw around and delivers a hard haymaker strike-before shooting him into the ropes and connecting with a spinebuster.



Chris Hall: CJ Starkweather looking to make an impact here in his REDEFINE debut!



Richard Page: Shaw is no slouch, former World Tag Team Champion here.



In the ring, Starkweather connects with a flurry of strikes, before shooting Shaw into the ropes and following up with a hard back drop. He immediatly turns around and boots Shaw in the head-getting a one and a half count for his trouble. He sends him into the corner, and unleashes a flurry of elbows-before dragging him out with a T-Bone Suplex. He turns around and meets a superkick from St. Claire-which dazes the “New Face of Fuck You”, as Devin connects with a sling blade for a 2 count.


Richard Page: Devin St. Claire trying to mount a come back!


He lifts CJ up and sends him into the corner-hitting a running dropkick. CJ dazes out and is met with a Blue Thunder Bomb from Devin St. Claire. The crowd pops as he hooks the leg:












Devin gets mad as he throws CJ into the corner, only to be met and turned around by Grayson Shaw-who connects with a hard boot to the face. The crowd boos loudly as he picks up Devin, and throws him out to the floor. He turns around and is met by a straight right from Starkweather, and then Nothing To Gein as the crowd gasps. He rolls the RIpper up:


















The crowd boos as Starkweather rolls to the floor and smirks-mouthing off to the camera as we fade backstage.




Backstage with John Pariah


The REDEFINE cameras catch up with John Pariah who is backstage preparing for his match.


“Tonight, we are here to celebrate. Tonight is the rebirth of REDEFINE. Tonight, is our night. It wouldn’t be much of a show if the first recognized champion here wasn’t part of the festivities!”


“Tonight it’s not about titles. It’s not about any of that. It’s about honor. Ajax wanted to run his mouth, Ciserano wanted to run his mouth. So I had to step in. I’m not here for a comeback. I’m very happy in NBW-I’m just here to shut those two up!”


Pariah smirks.


“Johnny, Jordan, we’re all going to get some pizza after the show-unfortunately you both will be missing a tooth or two. Your fate? It’s mine to decide”



The New Face of Fuck You


The camera comes on backstage, as the interviewer paces around the Redefine screen and the logo spinning. As Madison Dyer looks up she sees CJ Starkweather coming into the back after his match. Sweat is dripping from his head as he starts to walk into the shot. Madison perks up. She immediately gets her microphone ready and starts to talk.

Madison Dyer: We’re here backstage after our opening match at ReBirth. After an impressive victory, we’re going to get a few words with CJ Starkweather, who’s also known as the new face of…

Before Madison can finish her sentence, both of CJ’s middle fingers are shoved in her face, to the point where she backs up and falls flat on her ass.

CJ Starkweather: FUCK YOU!

Madison Dyers: B-b-b-but but but…

CJ Starkweather: Shut the fuck up bitch! If I wanted your opinion I’d tell you when to open your cum trap and say ahhh!

Starkweather rips the microphone out of Madison’s hands and turns towards the cameras.

CJ Starkweather: You think those two fuck sticks were gonna take me down? Hell no. That was just a god damn warm up! I’ve still got plenty left in the tank and all of you fuckers better be looking over your shoulders, because I’m not fucking done with any of you. Not by a long shot. If you think you know who’s getting it next, you have no clue. And fuck if I’m waiting two weeks to Fight Club to get what I want out of this shit. Redefine is going to be redefined tonight come hell or high water. The era of progress is over. The era of unabashed violence has just begun. I’m going to cause havoc and mayhem wherever I go

Starkweather swings his arm back and smashes the flat screen behind him, spiderwebbing the screen and causing a loud thump from the microphone hitting it.

CJ Starkweather: Consider yourselves warned. The blood will flow tonight. Bodies will be broken, and careers will be… redefined. I will crush you. Yes you. Whatever asshole is watching this in the back… tonight might be the night you draw the short straw. And if you drew it… be prepared to have your career ended.

Starkweather turns and looks at Madison Dyer. He leans down and growls at her, causing her to flinch.

CJ Starkweather: Back to the useless bimbo. Starkweather out.

Starkweather throws the microphone at Dyer and walks off and the camera fades.




Singles Match:

Jack Tillman vs JD Micheals


Both men are in the ring, as the bell rings.


Chris Hall: Jack Tillman, looking to make his presence felt in REDEFINE.


RIchard Page: We know he’s had a spot in NJFC recently, and was on the radar of REDEFINE previously, tonight we see what he can do against JD Micheals, REDEFINE’s resident high flier!


The two lock up, and TIllman immediatly gets control, shooting JDM into the ropes and connecting with a big clothesline. He lifts him up and slams him head first into the ropes-before pulling him out and dropping him back first into a beautiful STO. He hooks the leg for a one count, before picking him back up and connecting with a belly to belly suplex-that sends JDM to the floor.


RIchard Page: He has Micheals reeling Chris.


Chris Hall: That he does!


He follows him out to the floor, and throws him into the railing-before connecting with a big knee strike. TIllman slams JDM to the floor, and follows up with a flurry of kicks and stomps. He slides his opponent into the ring, and smirks as he climbs back in-and is met with a pair of kicks from JDM.


Chris Hall: He’s trying to mount a comeback!


JDM picks him up and delivers a hard upper cut-twisting Tillman around-but setting JDM up for a Pele Kick as the crowd pops. JDM rolls to the ropes-and is met with a big stomp from his opponent. He lifts him up and connects with a Dragon Suplex-bridging for a pin:






Tillman lifts up JDM, and goes for a vertical suplex-but JDM blocks it and delivers an enziguri to the head. The crowd pops as he tries to mount a come back. After a few moments of offense-Tillman throws a knee and doubles JDM over. He lifts him up and drops him with a Brainbuster over his knee.


Chris Hall: The Martyr!


Richard Page; He could be going in for the kill now!


TIllman lifts up JDM-and slices his thumb across his throat-before delivering the Ball Room Blitz-taking JDM’s head off. He goes for the cover:












Standing up, Jack gets his hands raised by the ref. Jack isn’t impressed as he stares a hole into his opponents head. Snapping his arm away from the ref, Jack slowly makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp. Suddenly Jacks manager, Chris Constantine, steps out onto the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand. The arena cheers for the local wrestling star as he meets Jack halfway down the ramp. Putting the microphone close to his mouth, Chris begins to address the crowd. 

Chris Constantine: “That right there ladies and gentlemen is what I call professional wrestling. No gimmick needed. No entertainer need to apply. No five moves of death. No need for eye popping clothing or catchy phrases to keep you fans distracted from the fact that most of the people in the back don’t know how to wrestle and don’t know how to apply a simple arm drag. What my client Jack Tillman just demonstrated in that very ring is just a small fraction of what he’s capable of when it comes to being a professional wrestler.

Jack Tillman is the future of wrestling and at 21 years of age he will be the face of Redefine as well because for Redefine to survive this time around Jack needs to be the face of this company. He must be the face of this company because the so called “heroes” from the past with John Pariah, Johnny Ajax and Jordan Ciserano failed to keep the doors open and failed to keep this place running. These so called “big names” don’t draw crowds, these so called “stars” can’t draw a dime, and these so called “top talent” can’t wrestle out of their safe space in Chicago, Illinois. But Jack can and he will because Jack is an international star and has proved that he can be the head of any company he sets foot in. He wrestles in Japan with NJFC on a monthly basis. He wrestles in Mexico with GOL on a monthly basis. He wrestled in England with UKWF. He wrestles weekly in Los Angles with CWC Hollywood Pro. And he is a top performer over in Redemption. 

Jack Tillman is one of the hardest working individuals in the industry today and he has and will continue to prove it each and every time he steps in that ring. So that’s why I negotiated with the front office to have him be part of the up coming World Title Tournament. There, you will see my client, Jack Tillman, go through the competition until that World Title is around his waist.”

Turning around, Chris looks at the entrance ramp and starts to address the wrestlers and staff in the back.

Chris Constantine: “And if anyone has a problem with what I just said……then step into that ring and say it to Jacks face. And just to give you a heads up, Jack isn’t much of a talker. He’s more of an action guy. But you’ll be seeing that soon enough Chicago.”

-With a grin on his face, Chris looks back at the crowd to see the arenas reaction. Jack slowly makes his way up the ramp as Chris follows him.



Singles Match:

Jason Aries vs Jason Richards

 Aries and Richards shook hands to kick off the match, and took each other to the limit. They threw everything at each other. Aries led the charge with a series of strikes and SuplexEs, before Aries countered with a flurry of offense of his own.
Chris Hall: these two are world traveled veterans!
Richard Page: yes, but Aries has done one thing Richards hasn’t; won the top title here in REDEFINE!
Richards dumps Aries to the floor-and connected with a knee to the face off the apron. The two brawled up the entrance ramp, before Richards threw him back into the ring. He hit a stomp off the ropes for a two count. Aries picked himself up after a by, and dropped Richards with a hard DDT. The two exchanged submission holds as the ring announcer announced the 10 minute mark.
Chris Hall: half way through this 20 minute time limit!
The two continued exchanging holds-neither getting an upper hand. Aries three a hard strike and went for Aries Jidgement. Richards countered with a knee to the head-before countering with a power bomb of his own. The two connected with a cross body in the middle of the ring and both men pulled themselves up before the refs 10 count. They collide with a pair of super kicks-each knocking each other’s head clean off. The Red begins his count again, and reaches 20 as both men still lay on the mat.


Women’s Division Match:

Lillith Morgan vs Tamera Watson


Tamera Watson is waiting in the ring as we faded back from commercial, and “Riot” by Phosphene hits the PA, and Lillith Morgan makes her return to REDEFINE.


Chris Hall: Lillith is ready to make her pressence felt.


Richard Page: she’s a veteran, trained by her estranged husband John Pariah-she’s been at this for over 15 years Chris!


Chris Hall: she made her presence felt last week in Portland, debuting for our good friends at Rose City Wrestling Rich, and tonight she’s coming home to the Second City!


The crowd cheers loudly as she poses on the ropes-and immediately hops down and kicks Watson in the face. She smiles as she picks her up and sends her into the ropes, before connecting with a splash and a pair of forearm strokes to the face. She grabs her and sends her across the ring, connecting with a running knee. She pulls her out and drops her with a hard snap suplex. She rolls her up into a sitting front face lock, before standing up and kicking her in the head. She hooks the leg:







Lillith picks her up and sends her into the ropes, but Tamera reverses it and and sends Lillith into the ropes. She connects with a hip toss and then a leg drop on the Queen, before she kicks out before one. Tamera goes for a suplex, but Lillith connects with a pair of knee strikes. She lifts Tamera up and hits the QRS, dropping her with a cutter. She rolls backwards into a bully choke and the crowd cheers as Tamera taps out instantly.


Chris Hall: impressive, impactful win over Tamera Watson tonight at REBIRTH!




The crowd pops as She rolls to the floor and grabs a microphone.


“I am here to make a stand! To make an impact! I am here to redefine Women’s Wrestling-not sure here, but everywhere I go! I am the Revolution, and everybody, be they in REDEFINE, NBW, Rose City or wherever needs to know one thing; the Queen Reigns Supreme motherfu—–” she drops the mic as she’s jumped from behind by Stacy Marie DeVille as the crowd explodes.


Chris Hall: These two have had a war of words on Twitter for the last few weeks Richard!


Richard Page: Of course, Lillith Morgan just made her presence felt in Rose City Wrestling last weekend.


The two women brawl on the stage-as Stacy drops Lillith with a DDT onto the stage. The crowd pops as she holds her arms up and we fade to commercial




Singles Match:

Alan Envy vs Samuel Crowe


Both men are in the ring, and Crowe goes to attack Envy at the end of his entrance-before the bell. THe Mythic One goes after the Weekend Warrior-but Envy counters the attacks with a hard knee-and immediatly delivers one of the most viscious Evenflow DDT’s in history.


Chris Hall: Ouch! He put Crowe right on his head.


Richard Page: Making an impact is Alan Envy! Just seconds in and he already nails Envious Demise!


He picks up Crowe, and locks in a Kathihajame submission, as the crowd is mixed as Crowe immediatly taps out.




Post Match, Alan Envy throws a “too sweet” into the air-as a loud BulletSCARS chant breaks out, he then turns the gesture to a middle finger as the crowd boos loudly, and he stomps on the head of the Samuel Crowe.






Ringside with Chris Hall and Richard Page


We cut ringside, where Hall and Page are standing at the commentary table.


Hall: what a night it’s been at REBIRTH!!


Page: I can’t believe the action we’ve seen tonight Chris, in all my years in this business-we’ve had one helliva night!


Hall: it’s not over either Rick. Mason Mateo is still about to make his debut, as well as a HUGE three way Main Event!


Page: plus in two weeks-we are back here at The Pit for FIGHT CLUB LIVE-exclusively on FITE-for FREE!


Hall: it’s going to be an intense night of action Rick, but let’s send it to ringside for our next match!



Singles Match:

Slade LaVey vs Cameron Capone


Slade immediately went on the attack, going after Capone with a series of strikes. He sent him into the ropes, and dropped him with a flapjack, before connecting with a shining wizard. He picked up Capone and dropped him with a the Massacre as the crowd erupts.
Chris Hall: Slade LaVey is not being paid by the hour!
He rolls Capone up and gets the three count.
After the match, he lifts up Capone and drops him with the Massacre again. He smirks as he drags him out onto the apron and drops him again-this time right on the ring apron. Officials rush the ring as he smirks and motions for a title.



Singles Match:

Mason Mateo vs Shawn Starr


Returning from a quick commercial promoting several future REDEFINE Pro events, Shawn Starr lurks inside with a large smirk on his face. He remains leaning back in his corner waiting for his upcoming match. Shawn looks incredibly arrogant as usual but confident too. The veteran has been slated to compete against a debuting talent whose still a fresh face in the wrestling scene. Madison Dyer stands in the middle of the ring ignoring Starr’s antics. Shawn Starr’s introduction having occurred during the break, Dyer preps herself then lifts the microphone to her lips & continues with the introductions.

Madison Dyer: And his opponent from Huntington Beach, California. Weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds…Mason Mateo!

Mason Mateo steps out & immediately heads towards the ring. He walks down to ringside showing no signs of being intimidated. Confidently he walks up the steps & stands on the ring apron. Mason climbs up to the second turnbuckle & hangs his head. His face unseen as his hair covers it. Mateo takes this moment to gather himself, he slowly lifts his head. Slicking his hair back, Mason Mateo looks out across the audience. He leaps down from the turnbuckle & back onto the apron. Mateo then steps inside the ring & walks to his corner. There he waits for the bell to be rung.

Richard Page: Chris, there is a lot of hype circling around this young man. He is a third generation superstar from the world traveled & legendary Mafui’e dynasty. The ironic thing? Mason had never intended to step foot inside a wrestling ring but here we are. What a specimen this man is, Mateo is a very genetically gifted athlete.

Chris Hall: Drafted in the second round of the NFL draft but a injury in training camp cut his career short. That injury was well documented & a veteran like Shawn Starr definitely has to be aware of that so expect him to take advantage of that fact. There is a lot more pressure on the shoulders of Mason Mateo than he has lead us to believe.

Shawn Starr trash talks across the ring at Mateo who just stares a hole into him. Starr then goes on to berate the audience as well. The referee concludes both men are ready & sounds for the bell, this match is officially underway. Mason continues standing there with a slight smirk on his face just listening to Shawn’s endless talking. Eventually it all boils over as Shawn Starr comes rushing out of his corner at the Polynesian. Mason Mateo explodes with unsuspecting speed & cuts Shawn in half with a monstrous spear. All the wind his immediately taken out of Starr who hits the mat & looks like he had just been hurled out of a car wreck. Mason Mateo on a single knee pushes the hair out of his eyes & looks over the broken body of Shawn Starr, smirking.

Chris Hall: What just happened!? I blinked…what just happened!?

Richard Page: A spear, a spear unlike I have ever seen has not just silenced Shawn Starr but may have broken a rib too. I have never witnesses strength like that on display in quite sometime.

Mateo wastes no time & picks the carcass of Shawn Starr. He lifts Starr’s deadweight with absolute ease. Mason hurls him up in the air before slamming him neck & back first to the mat with a sitout powerbomb, the ring shakes from the impact. He then goes immediately for the pin afterward.


Richard Page: It’s all over! Mason Mateo is successful in his debut, did that match even hit three minutes? What’s the official time?

Chris Hall: Wait, where’s he going.

Mason Mateo rolls out of the ring not waiting for the referee to raise his hand. The referee looks utterly confused as Mateo keeps walking up the entrance ramp. Meanwhile Shawn Starr has not moved once since being driven into the mat. Mason is already walking behind the curtain as a rather shocked Madison Dyer goes ahead & announces him the winner.

Madison Dyer: And your winner…Mason Mateo!




::The scene opens to Jordan Ciserano backstage in the locker room taping his hands, he looks up and smiles as the arena cheers for him. He finishes his right hand and puts down the tape to talk to the camera.::


::The crowd cheers louder than before::

Jordan Ciserano: I missed you guys.

::Jordan smiles and stands up with another loud cheer from the crowd.::

Jordan Ciserano: Honestly, I’ve missed everything about this place. That electric feel of the arena, the shock of adrenaline every time I stepped in front of all of you, being able to compete week after week against the best wrestlers in the world, wrestlers like Sasha Foote, Grayson Shaw, and even my best mate J.P. Caliban. It was all so special, some of the best times I’ve ever had, but in an instant, it was gone. 

::Faint boo’s are heard and Jordan quickly responds.::

Jordan Ciserano: It’s back though and it feels better than ever, especially because we’re starting our road of redemption with a blockbuster main event of The First Champion versus The First World Champion versus The Last Champion! This main event, with Johnny Ajax and John Pariah, is what Redefine is all about! The best facing the best for a chance to know they are the best!

Jordan Ciserano: This is a match that I know both men want to win just as badly as I do. We’ve been around the world many times, but Redefine is our home. This is where we built our legacy. Everything we became and will become happened in part because of the opportunities we gained from Redefine helping build the company while we built our own careers. Tonight, we use this match to say thank you followed by the greatest welcome back we can deliver. 

::The crowd starts to chant “Welcome Back” creating a smile from Jordan and a big thumbs up::

Jordan Ciserano: Johnny Ajax, John Pariah, know that I respect you two as wrestlers and as competitors saying yes to this match. Also know that I’m going to put everything I have in this match; I’m going to hit harder, fight harder, and pick up exactly where I left off, as the best wrestler in this company. Even though there is no title on the line, even though nobody beat me for that title, I know that this is the first step to getting it back, with a big win against great competitors.

Jordan Ciserano: Gentlemen, today we say welcome back to Redefine Pro Wrestling. Today, we put on the greatest match this crowd has ever seen. Today, Redefine starts their comeback. Today, Jordan Ciserano wins returning to the top. Best of Luck Mates.

::Jordan sits back down and picks up the roll of tape to prepare for the Main Event in just a few moments. He looks up at the camera once again and salutes to the Redefine faithful as the camera fades to black.::




John Pariah vs Johnny Ajax vs Jordan Ciserano


All three men said and in the ring, Ajax is introduced and holds up the first version of the REDEFINE World Title. Then Pariah, who holds up BOTH the REDEFINE Openweight Title, and orginal 2CW Title. Ciserano holds up the final incarnation of the World Title as the crowd roars.

Chris Hall: three former champions. Pariah the first 2CW Champion, Ajax the first REDEFINE World Champion, and Jordan Ciserano, the last World Champion.

The bell rings as all three men circle each other, Pariah and Ciserano nod to each other and go on the attack, going after Ajax. The crowd is mixed as the mini Archetype reunion goes after the former World Champion. The send him to the floor as Pariah turns around into a super kick from Jordan, securing him a two count. He lifts him up and sends him reeling into the corner. He delivers a couple strikes-before turning around and being met with a kick from Ajax as the crowd popped. He lifts him up and turns him around as Pariah hits a clothesine to Ciserano-as Ajax hits a spinebuster. The crowd letsout a huge BulletSCARS chant, as Ajax and Pariah too sweet each other, before Ajax hits a shining wizard on Ciserano, getting a two count when Pariah breaks it up. The crowd roared as All three men went to war, as Ajax threw Ciserano out of the ring and the Pariah. Ajax hit a running dive to the floor as the crowd blew up int a huge REDEFINE chant.

Richard Page: this is what it’s about Chris!

Ajax throws Pariah into the ring, and connects with a Suplex-getting a two count. Ciserano slides in and delivers a hard German, getting a two of his own. He gets up and Pariah connects with Mirakuru, while Ajax hits him with another Suplex. The crowd begins banging on the railing as all four men fight to their feet..

Richard Page: these three are giving it their all!

The crowd is hushed as Pariah, Ciserano, and Ajax circle around each other. All of the men look fairly well spent after battling each other so fiercely. The crowd immediately starts to stir and the camera switches to show Starkweather climbing over the barricade with a trash can full of weapons in hand. Starkweather sets it down and pulls a chair out of the crowd. He throws the chair over the top rope and beans Ciserano in the back of the head. Ciserano goes down, and Starkweather throws the trash can into the ring and slides into the ring. Pariah steps up to put the boots to him, but Starkweather hits him with a low blow. Starkweather rifles off a super stiff right hand that drills Pariah right in the jaw and drops him flat on the mat. Ajax charges in for a clothesline, but Starkweather ducks it. As Ajax turns around, Starkweather kicks him in the gut. Starkweather picks Ajax up and takes a running start and then hits him with a package piledriver.

Chris Hall: I can’t believe this, the fantastic three way dance was interrupted by CJ Starkweather!

Richard Page: He doesn’t seem to be playing around at all. He came to the ring with an arsenal! What does he have in the trash can?!

Starkweather digs into the trash can and pulls out a thumbtack bat. Ciserano gets up and attempts to go at Starkweather, but gets hit in the gut with the bat. He bends over and Starkweather smashes the bat into the back of his head, leaving his head coated in shiny metal thumbtacks. Ciserano drops down and rolls out of the ring.

Richard Page: Thumbtacks everywhere! Ciserano is going to need some help getting those out for sure

Chris Hall: He said he wasn’t going to wait for our next show and he sure as hell isn’t waiting.

Starkweather picks up the can and dumps it on the ground, dropping legos and broken glass all over the canvas. A bag falls out with all the other plunder. Starkweather slides out and digs under the ring. He yanks out a board that looks like a cross. He slides it in the ring and props it up in the corner. Ajax starts to get up, and Starkweather scoops him up for a powerbomb.

Chris Hall: That’s a razor blade board! You only see those in Japan! He can’t!

Richard Page: Starkweather is an insane man, and he’s making a hell of an impact here tonight! Don’t do it CJ! Don’t use the razor board!!

Starkweather charges and launches Ajax into the razor blade board. Ajax hits the board hard and then screams, falling face first onto the mat. He rolls out of the ring as blood drips down his back from multiple cuts

Chris Hall: Johnny Ajax’s back was just cut to ribbons! Starkweather is one sick fuck!

Richard Page: Pariah is up! Pariah is up!

Pariah steps up behind Starkweather and wrenches him over with a crushing german suplex. Starkweather rolls right through it and pops to his feet in an instant. Pariah turns around just in time to get hit with a brutal roaring elbow. Pariah drops to the mat hard. Starkweather turns and walks over grabbing the bag. He opens it up and starts to dump it in the middle of the glass and legos. Kenzans spill all over the mat. Starkweather picks up one of the spiked discs and walks over to Pariah as he sits up. Starkweather grabs Pariah’s head and places the disc on top. Starkweather winds back and pounds the disc into Pariah’s skull with a hard hammer fist. Pariah screams and tries to take the kenzan out of his head. Pariah pulls but to no avail, just showing the crowd how stuck it is.

Chris Hall: That is sick! Starkweather is a mad man! Pariah is in huge trouble here.

Richard Page: Redefine has never seen anything like this! Starkweather has changed the face of the game in a few short minutes!

Pariah stands up, blood pouring down his face from the kenzan. He turns to the crowd and the hard camera, and when he does, Starkweather ducks behind him and scoops him up in the electric chair position. Pariah waves his arms and pleads with Starkweather as he walks towards the pile of kenzans, legos, and glass. He takes a step forward and pulls Pariah head first into the ground, hitting him with a Joker driver. The crowd goes crazy and after a long moment, Starkweather stands up beating his chest. The camera fades on a shot of Starkweather standing over the beaten and bloodied Pariah


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