#FightClubLIVE – 10-9-2017

Footage of John Pariah being laid out backstage is shown. JPO and medical staff are tending to Pariah, who is unconscious in the locker room.

Richard Page and Chris Hall welcomes us to #FightClubLIVE-and the start of the #WorldTitleClassic!

In Ring:
CJ Starkweather cuts a promo, saying it looks like the King is Dead, and he will be the next World Champion.
JPO comes out and says yes, due to forfeit-CJ is advancing to the semi finals at Destroy to Recreate-but that doesn’t mean he has the night off, and introduces his opponent……DECLAN BLACK!

Non Tournament Match

Declan Black def CJ Starkweather via pin @ 13:39

The crowd was hit for Declan, and the heat on Starkweather was real. The two brawled around the ring-before CJ tried to get violent and throw Black to the floor. The former World Champ sent him into the railing, and the two brawled on the outside.
Black sent Starkweather back inside, and connected with a hard DDT, getting a two count. He went for the DNA-but Starkweather countered with a slam for a two count of his own. The two continued to brawl-when Black connected with a version of Pariahs Mirakuru, pinning Starkweather for the three count.


: Lillith cut a promo on Stacy DeVille, saying tonight would be different from Portland, and tonight the Devil Queen would reign supreme.

A hype video for Ajax vs Envy played


Jack Tillman def Mark Storm via pin @ 16:01

The bell rang and these two talents-who are VERY familiar with each other went to war, trading strikes left and right. Storm took the early advantage, sending Tillman to the ropes before connecting with a trio of corner clothesline’s. A suplex out of the corner led to a one count, as Storm locked in a headlock. Early on, he went for a cover off a backdrop suplex, but only scored a two. He went for a second one, but an elbow to the head and a Pele kick sent Storm into the ropes. A quick lariat sent him out to the floor.
Tillman threw him back in and locked in an armbar, before swinging it into a neck breaker. He lifts him up and goes for a Ball Room Blitz, but Storm sucks and catches him with a German suplex. The two get up and Storm goes for a clothesline-but Tillman ducks and hits an STO. He goes for a headlock Submission, but Storm fights out of it.
The match continued and Storm went for a brain buster, but Tillman landed on his feet, and FINALLY connected with a Ball Room Blitz-nearly decapitating him. He rolls up Storm for the pin, securing the victory and advancing to the second round.

:The scene opens to Jordan Ciserano backstage at Fight Club Live. He’s warming up for his upcoming World Title Classic match against Devin St. Claire taking a drink of water and stretching out his calves. He finishes and turns to the camera with a slight smile before slicking back his hair and talking.::

Jordan Ciserano: Tonight, is the first step into history.

::The crowd cheers as Jordan smiles wider.::

Jordan Ciserano: Tonight, will always be known as the beginning of a great journey. Tonight will never be forgotten. Tonight is the Redefine Pro World Championship comes one step closer to home.

:: Jordan hits his shoulder where the title would sit.::

Jordan Ciserano: Personally, I love the idea of a tournament because anything can happen. Upsets can take out the big guns early, the favorites can fine tune their skills for the later rounds, heroes can be created and destroyed in a three count. It is the perfect forum for a new champion to be crowned, the wrestler who knows when to conserve, when to fight, and how to win.

Jordan Ciserano: When it comes to winning, even with uncertainly surrounding the circumstances I can make a guarantee to all of you. In just a few minutes Jordan Ciserano will defeat Devin St. Claire in the first round and move one step closer to obtaining history. The first champion of the Revival and historically the first two time champion in Redefine’s history.

:: The crowd chant’s “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in response to the idea of Jordan reaching the top once again.::
Jordan Ciserano: Devin St. Clarie wants the title, he wants the glory, he wants the prestige of his name in the record books, but it’s not gonna happen tonight, not against me. He’s a great competitor, I’ve seen him wrestle for a long time, but great isn’t good enough. You must be the best. The best in strategy, execution, and performance and when it comes to those three categories yours truly has the clear upper hand. I’ve heard the saying “Any Given Sunday” meaning that any competitor can win on any day and with this field it’s certainly true, but against Devin, you’re about see why I deserve that title once again. Best of Luck Mate.

::Jordan salutes the camera and returns to stretching ready to face off against Devin St Claire in just a few minutes. His confidence is high, ready to fight and move one step closer to the gold. He smiles once again as the camera fades to black.::



Slade LaVey def Jason Aries via pin @ 14:04

The bell rung as the two locked up, and the former Second City Champion immediatly tried to out wrestle SLade LaVey, as he went behind the newcomer and immediatly took him down to the mat-floating over into a front facelock. Slade battled to his knees and took a knee to the jaw from Aries, before he lifted him up and dropped him chest first across his knees. The crowd popped as he lifted him up-and tried to do it agai, but SLade caught the knees of Aries, and catapulted him into the corner.
The crowd booed as LaVey took control, delivering a pair of strikes in the corner, before shooting him across the ring and connecting with a hard running yakuza kick in the corner. Aries stumbles out as Slade hits a big german suplex-throwing Aries over his head and bridging for a two count. Aries rolls to the apron to try and make some seperation, and catches Slade with a hangman across the top rope. After shaking his head, Aries connects with a springboard forearm, and gets a two count for his troubles.
He lifts LaVey up and connects with a running bicycle kick-as he yells “BOOM! HEAD SHOT!” much to the enjoyment of the fans. He lifts up Slade and connects with an implant DDT, and gets a two count.
Aries picks him up and goeds for Death by Aries-but Slade counters it and hits the Massacre as the crowd boos. The Chicago Native rolls him up for the three count, and advances in the tournament


Arianna Aries def Reese Spencer via submission @ 2:11

The two women locked up, and Arianna immediatly took control, delivering a flurry of strikes to the head of Reese Spencer. She sent her into the corner and connected with a splash, before dragging her out and connecting with a flipping piledriver. After that she locked in the Anaconda Vice on Reese Spencer-scorring the submission win.
Chris Hall: Impressive win and debut for Arianna Aries!
Richard Page: The Womens Division is heating up!


Lillith Morgan def Stacey Marie DeVille via pin @ 22:57

In a rematch from “Chapter 5” in Portlands Rose City Wrestling, the Devil Queen Lillith Morgan took on Stacey Marie DeVille in singles action.
These two had an insane match, that trying to describe would only sell it short. They pulled out all of the stops-as the brawled in the ring, on the floor and even in the crowd. At one point, Lillith hit a running senton off the bleachers, onto Stacey who laid dormant on a pile of chairs. At another point-Stacey hit a spinebuster on the concession table. In addition to brawling, these two got in the ring and showed what Women’s Wrestling is all about. Morgan connected with a backstabbed and rolled her into the Bully Choke-but Stacey was able to reach the bottom rope. She connected with a spinning elbow and raised her up for the QRS, but DeVille landed on her feet and hit a huge full Nelson slam for a two count. 
She continued to shine as she sent Morgan into the corner and connected with a trio of splashes in the corner, and then a huge running knee. She Powerbombed Lillith into the turnbuckle, and went for the DeVille Driver-but Lillith countered and connected with a huge Mirakuru.

These two vixens went to the ends of the earth to end eatch other, but in the end-the Devil Queen remained dominant in REDEFINE, as she connected with not one-but TWO Faith in Fire running kicks. The first after a flapjack off the ropes, and the second immediately after, earning a pinfall victory over her Rose City Rival.


In Ring: JPO came out and announced that at Destroy to Recreate there would be a match between Arrianna Aries and Lillith Morgan to determine the first ever REDEFINE Women’s Champion!



Grayson Shaw def Jason Richards via pin @ 7:01

The crowd greeted Grayson with a chorus of boos as they respond with cheers for Richards. The bigger Shaw took early advantage as he used his size to get the upper hand with some big power moves including a beautiful belly to belly suplex. Shaw covered Richards after the big move but much to the delight of the crowd Jason kicked out.

Shaw continued his dominance as Richards was taking some heavy abuse from the strikes from Shaw. However Richards starts responding with strikes of his own. He staggered Grayson back enough to deliver a running knee strike followed by a dragon suplex that got a huge pop from the crowd. He bridged the suplex but Grayson powered out at two.

Richards kept the momentum up as he superkicked Shaw and while Grayson was stunned he locked in the Kimura Lock. Shaw fights it and then shows his power advantage by countering the lock with hitting Hunger in the Void! The crowd showed Shaw respect after such a great counter but Grayson quickly shut them down with an insult.Richards never recovered from the big popup powerbomb and soon Grayson Shaw nails End Times for the 1..2..3.
The cameras cut backstage as Alan Envy is seen walking around the locker room. The crowd sees him as a huge mixed reaction comes from the arena. Envy throws on his hoodie and tugs at the bottom. He takes a deep breath as he turns his head towards the camera.

“A word right? Want me to tell you how I feel about this match…want me to talk bulletSCARS what I’m feeling right now as I am about to face my good friend Johnny Ajax right?

I’m not going to talk about bulletSCARS…I’m not going to talk about facing Johnny. I’m here to do the business and get into the second round of this tournament. Because I am your next ReDefined Heavyweight champion.

But…there is one thing I will say…every single person in that arena and those watching this on your devices or televisions have their eyes locked on the best pro wrestler on this planet…and if any of you actually think Johnny Ajax…after an extended absence from that 20×20 squared circle…is going to beat me? Then you are a bunch of idiots. Johnny….get ready kid…here in a little while you can get back to brewing our beer. 
Because Alan Envy is moving onto the second round.

He throws up the bulletSCARS sign as the crowd gives a reaction to the gesture as the scene fades back to the ring.


Jordan Ciserano def Devin St Claire via pin @ 7:06

The fans popped for the Nottingham Nightmare Devin St. Claire as he seemed to be the crowd favorite for the evening as Jordan Ciserano soon made his entrance to a positive reaction but a spattering of boos. The bell rang as St. Claire nails a running drop kick sending Ciserano out of the ring. Devin took off as ge nailed a suicide dive as the crowd showed their appreciation. Devin picked up and threw Jordan back into the ring and began working on Ciserano.

St. Claire had full control of the match until he missed a slingshot plancha and crashed onto the floor. Jordan waited till he got up and nailed a superkick that knocked spit high into the air and knocked down Devin down again. Ciserano throws Devin back into the ring and drives a knee into Devin’s skull and ascended the top rope. He dives off with an impressive elbow drop and went for the pin but St. Claire was able to kick out at 2.

Later in the match Jordan is looking for a submission with the crossface chickenwing. St. Claire is able to reach the ropes. As Jordan gets closer again after the referee break Devin picks him up and sling shots him off the top rope. Devin then delivers a running knee knocking Jordan down. He covers Ciserano but Jordan kicks out at 2.

Devin goes for Rising Darkness but Jordan is able to fight it off. He slides behind Devin and delivers the Ciserano Superkick!! He covers Devin but at the last possible second Devin kicks out popping the crowd loudly. The kick however took out a lot as Jordan eventually delivers the Psycho Driver and the 1..2..3. Despite a great showing from St. Claire it’s Jordan Ciserano that moved on in the tournament to crown the ReDefined World Champion

Backstage, JPO met with both Jason Aries and Jason Richards. Both were unhappy about their World Title Classic losses. JPO announced they would meet one on one again at Destroy to Recreate!


Alan Envy def Johnny Ajax via Submission @ 29:26

The most anticipated match of the first round and the main event of the evening pitted two members of the group bulletSCARS that at one time was in ReDefine. The crowd starts a SCARS chant as Ajax smiles while Envy just stares at him. Ajax not showing rust got the upper hand on Alan Envy. Envy rolls outside as Ajax pumps the crowd up in the ring.

Later Envy got the advantage and started working on the head and neck of Ajax to set him up for either his Envious Demise DDT or the Katahajime submission. Envy delivered clubbing blows that were stiff and hard. He came off the ropes with a hard lariat and went for the cover but Ajax kicked out at two. The crowd was almost totally in favor for Johnny Ajax.

Ajax eventually rebounded as he got the upperhand on his former bulletSCARS stable mate. He got a second shot of adrenaline as he took over the match by delivering some quick kicks and a devastating firearm shot. He floored Envy as Johnny ascended to the top rope and delivered a frog splash but Envy kicked out at 2.

Later in the match emotions between both men took over as they exchanged stiff forearm shots. Envy staggered Johnny back a little. Before he could take advantage Ajax surprised Envy with a from out of nowhere superkick. Ajax went for the pin but Envy kicked out. The crowd exploded stunned that Envy somehow kicked out.

The turning point of the match happened when Ajax went for a splash and missed Envy in the corner hitting his head on the top of the ring post. Envy followed that up with a snap German suplex. He then stands up and holds Ajax up and stares at him. His forearm shot spun Ajax around enough to lock in the Katahajime as Ajax fights it but eventually tapped out. Alan stands up as he stares at the unconscious Johnny Ajax. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Envy as he gestures a belt around his waist as the show closed out.


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