#DestroyToRECreate RECAP 10-22-17

SHOW OPENER: “Solve et Coagula” by Mudvayne was the official theme of “Destroy to REcreate”, hyping the final stage of the rebirth of REDEFINE. The music ends with JPO coming down to the ring.

IN RING: JPO welcomes us to Destroy to REcreate, from the brand new REDEFINE Arena in Chicago, IL (formerly known as The Pit). He said “Tonight will be the night we make history, we will crown the FIRST EVER REDEFINE Womens Champion, and one of six men will walk away the NEW REDEFINE World Champion!” He’s interupted by his brother, John Pariah who comes out and says he wants answers for who took him out two weeks ago. Pariah said “I know you know Jason, I know you have footage. I want his head on a spike!” JPO retorted saying he didn’t know, but an investigation was under way! He also confirmed that in two weeks at Vendetta on November 5th-he’d get his hands on CJ Starkweather in a Windy City Street Fight! Pariah begrudgingly accepted, and left the ring. JPO then went on to announce a communal partnership with Rose City Wrestling, SAKURA Pro USA, and Kamikaze Pro-and that more details would be available online over the next few weeks.

HYPE VIDEO: A video of CJ Starkweather, Jack Tillman, and Slade LaVey all advancing into the second round is shown.

World Title Classic – Second Round

CJ Starkweather vs Jack Tillman vs Slade LaVey

These three all went to war with each other. The back and forth battle ended when Slade LaVey hit CJ Starkweather with the Martyr-but Jack Tillman threw him outside of the ring to the floor-and scored the victory-advancing to the finals

WINNER: JACK TILLMAN via pin @ 12:54

BACKSTAGE: John Pariah is walking backstage, and he is met by Declan Black-who tells him he’s aiding Jason in the investigation. Pariah sighs and walks off, as Declan smirks.

HYPE VIDEO: A Video Package Showcasinh Jordan Ciserano, Al Envy and Grayson Shaw’s advancement in the World Title Classic.

World Title Classic- Second round

Grayson Shaw vs  Al Envy vs  Jordan Ciserano

These three REDEFINE Veterans went to battle just as hard as their predecessors. All three men delivered their signature moments, but the end came when Ciserano was taken out by Grayson Shaw with the End Times. He instintively rolled to the floor to escape the pin, as Shaw turned around and was met with Envious Demise by Al Envy, allowing him to score the win and advance to the finals-to face Jack Tillman


BACKSTAGE: Devin St. Claire is interviewed about his upcoming match with the former World Champion Declan Black. He says “its the biggest opprotunity of his career, and he plans on making the most of it tonight!”

Devin St Claire vs Declan Black

These two had a fun back and forth contest for the first few minutes. Devin came out like a ball of fire-delivering kicks and strikes to the former Champion. He shot Black into the ropes and connected with a wonderful dropkick-sending him to the floor. St. Claire went for a dive-but Black moved out of the way, causing him to crash into the guard rail head first. This allowed the former World Champion a chance to beat on the Nottingham Nightmare, focusing his attack on the head and neck area. He throws him into the steps-before putting him back into the ring. Devin tried to battle back, but Black connected with a hard suplex-and followed up with the Blackout for the win, beating the young UK star.


BACKSTAGE: Lillith Morgan is backstage, talking about her win last show over Stacy DeVille. She also talks about her debut in SAKURA Pro USA, and the budding relationship with all three promotions. She ends with telling everyone that the Devil Queen is here, and they should all…”Fear The Fall…..”

Mark Storm vs Johnny Ajax

Back and forth contest from these two crafty veterans. Ajax and Storm exchange holds and put on an in ring clinic-much to the fans delight. Ajax begins to rev up the action, connecting with a series of strikes and kicks. He sends Storm into the ropes and connects with an elbow, before dropping a knee on his head for the one count. Storm battles back and connects with a hard strike, followed by a pair of suplexes-before getting a one count of his own. The finish came when Ajax hit the Trevelyn Suplex-scoring the three count and the win.


BACKSTAGE: REDEFINE cameras tried to catch up with Slade LaVey, but he wouldnt answer them.

Bonus Match:

Trina Bishop vs Stacy Marie DeVille

The Women took center stage, as the newcomer Trina Bishop took on Stacy Marie DeVille in singles action. The veteran took advantage of the rookie-who was literally making her in ring debut-early on, simply out manuevering her.  After a few minutes, Trina got a boot up in the corner-and totalled Stacy’s momentum. She followed up with a running clothesline, and began taking the fight to Stacy, hitting a spinning neckbreaker for a one count. DeVille tries to battle back-connecting with a big spinebuster. She gets up to go for the kill, when the lights go out and eerie music plays, Lillith’s voice is heard over the PA cackling, as the words “FEAR THE FALL” air on the screen. The lights come back up and we see Stacy staring at the stage yelling-as Trina turns her around and connects with Kicking the Mayhem. The crowd pops as she climbs up top and hits Mayhem Rules-scoring the 1, 2, 3 in her debut


IN RING: Stacy is visibly angry as she heads backstage

HYPE VIDEO: Lillith Morgan and Ariana Aries winning their matches at Fight Club Live, securing tonights Womens Championship encounter!

REDEFINE Women’s Championship Match:

Lilith Morgan vs Ariana Aries

The young rising star, Arianna Aries-wife of former Second City Champion Jason Aries-went to war with Lillith Morgan-former wife of former Second City Champion John Pariah-in an all out fight. Lillith led the plucky upstart in the action-immediatly going on the attack and showing her aggression in the ring. Lillith goes for the QRS-but Aries slips off and rolls her up for a one count, before connecting with an arching yakuza kick for another one count. Lillith battles back and scores a two count after a viscious superkick out of nowhere. She lifts her up and goes for the QRS again-this time knocking the ref down as she spins her around. The crowd pops loudly as she connects, and steps to the corner-waiting for Arianna to get up, setting her up presumably for Faith in Fire. The crowd pops loudly as Stacy DeVille hits the ring, and Lillith runs at her-getting caught by a huge spear from DeVille. She mounts Lillith and goes on the attack, raining down strikes and punches, before picking her up and hitting the DeVille Driver. She throws Aries ontop of Morgan, and leaves the ring as the ref is coming to-and he counts the three.


HYPE VIDEO: Recap on Aries vs Richards Double Count Out finish at REBIRTH.

BACKSTAGE: JPO announces that next week he was going to leave both Stacy DeVille and Lillith Morgan off of the Vendetta card, instead announcing that on November 19th-they will meet ONE LAST TIME in a Last Woman Standing Match-to finally settle their differences

Rebirth Rematch:

Jason Richards vs Jason Aries

Another barn burner of a match, pitting two former Champion. Jason Richards a former Second City Tag and Heritage Champion, facing Jason Aries-a former Second City Champion. They followed up their classic at REBIRTH with another battle for the ages. It started with several minutes of solid mat based wrestling-both men showing their prowess in the ring. Eventually it broke down when Richards became the aggressor and delivered a hard kick to the ribs of Aries-before sending him into the corner and connecting with a forearm. He continued to lay in forearm after forearm after forearm, eventually busting Aries open above the eye-about 10 minutes into the match. He sent Aries to the floor and came back with a running knee strike off the apron-and continued to pound of Aries, until he was able to mount some offense and send Richards into the railing. The crowd popped as he connected with a running kick in the corner of the floor-before throwing Richards into the crowd. He springboarded off the railing and hit a forearm of his own-as both men tumbled onto the concrete.

“This is Awesome” the crowd chanted as Aries and Richards brawled into the crowd-before Aries sent the Strong Style Wolf into a section of empty chairs-like he was a bowling ball. He grabbed Richards and drug him back to the ringside area-at about the 15 minute mark.

Hitting another springboard forearm-Aries took command in the ringside area, before throwing Richards back into the ring for a two count. He picked him up and went for a rolling elbow-but Richards ducked it and suplexed him over his head. After a few seconds, Richards got up and hit a big knee to the side of Aries head-before dropping him with a trio of vertical suplexes. He rolls through on the third and locks in a submission-but Aries gets to the ropes to break it-as the ref signaled the 20 minute mark. Richards pulled him out of the ropes and connected with a big forearm to the head-and sent Aries into the ropes, connecting with a hard flapjack, followed by a running dropkick to the face. He went for the pin but only got a two count. He shook his head as Aries began to fight out of a sleeper hold-before lifting him up and dropping him with a jawbreaker. Aries slowly got up and caught Richards with an enziguri kick-sending him into the ropes before connecting with a superkick-sending Richards to the floor. Jason shook his head as he went for a dive-connecting with Richards on the floor. The crowd continued to cheer as these two exchanged strikes, and the time keeper announced that only five minutes were left in this match.

Aries sent Richards into the ring-connecting with a spinebuster and a two count for good measure. He sighed as he went for the Aries Judgement-but Richards escaped and went for a powerbomb. Both men laid on the mat for a solid minute, as the final moments of the match came up. The two exchanged armdrags and went for each others finishers as the bell rang-and the thirty minute match limit came about, resulting in a draw.

WINNER: NO CONTEST via Time Limit Draw @ 30:00

IN RING: Both men stared each 

other down, as JPO came out and announced that on November 19th-we would have one final encounter between Richards and Aries. A Strong Style Showdown! A two out of three falls match, with each fall being a different stipulation. Fall 1: Pinfall only. Fall 2, Submission Only, and Fall 3-should it be needed, would be a 15 Minute Iron Man Match!

RECAP VIDEO: Footage from both nights of the World Title Classic is shown, highlighting Jack Tillman and Alan Envy’s rise to the finals.

AT RINGSIDE: Chris Hall and Richard Page are joined by JPO, and they run down the match listing for our next event, VENDETTA-which will be live on FITE on Sunday, November 5th!

They highlight the Windy City Street Fight between John Pariah and CJ Starkweather, as well as a match pitting Johnny Ajax against a to be named opponent-with the winner earning a shot at the World Title!

REDEFINE World Title Match

Alan Envy vs Jack Tillman

The bell rings and these two shake hands. JPO is on commentary and notes that this feels like the old guard of REDEFINE and the new generation going to war. They lock up and exchange holds-starting this feeling out process. The match picks up as Envy delivers a hard strike to the face, and drops Tillman with a big slam for a one count. He goes early for an Envious Demise, but Jack counters with. Bridging Northern Lights for a one count.

The two nod as they get back to their feet and lock up again, this time Jack drops Envy with a takedown and floats over into a front face lock, before dragging him up and dropping him with a hard suplex on the mat. Jack floats over into a two count, and begins going on the attack.

He sends Envy into the ropes and takes him to the floor with a clothesline. The two brawl up the ramp and Jack connects with a big knee to the head-sending him off the ramp. The crowd comes alive as they continue brawling, and Envy battles back, slamming his head against the ringside barrier.

The two continue to brawl around the ring, before Envy throws him in. He follows but Tillman goes on the attack. He sets Envy up for the kill, but out of nowhere Slade LaVey hits the ring and hits Tillman with a chair, followed by the Martyr. The crowd boos as he smirks and leaves the ring. Envy gets up and lifts up Jack, before dropping him with a DDT. He floats into the cover and gets the three count.


The bell rings as Envy holds up the World Title and celebrates as we fade out.


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