Code of Honor

In Character Rules for REDEFINE Pro Wrestling

Match Rules (Mainly for writers)

– Matches are all contested with a 15 minute time limit, unless otherwise stated.

-Title matches are contested under a 30 Minute / Television Time Remaining Limit…unless otherwise stated

– The official has a 20 count on the floor, and a five count when a wrestler is in the ropes.

—Failure to return to the ring, before a 20 count will result in a Count Out

—Failure to break a hold after the ref’s five count, will result in disqualification

—excessive use of weapons will also result in a DQ. — basically, if your character is going to do a Van Daminator for example, you probably wont be DQ’d. If you’re going to beat him senselessly with a brick…yeah probably.

—outside interference will result in a DQ

– Tag Matches are contested under the same rules, but also under Lucha Libre Rules. There is still a 5 count rope break / 20 count on the floor. Lucha rules make it so if a wrestler leaves the ring, it constitutes a legal tag. Matches are designed this way to keep the action IN THE RING (and make match writers lives a little easier)



REDEFINE is being rebooted as an ANGLE FED. Meaning you don’t have to worry yourself with roleplays. There is a character development section-to use if you want to enhance your stories.


We run BI WEEKLY events, with a 12 day cycle to turn in matches and segments. These are mainly to be written by you guys-working your angles (in lieu of RPs). I will post an outline for the show, example:


Show 001:


Opening Segment – TBA

Match 1 – TBA

Segment 1A

Segment 1B

Match 2 – TBA

Segment 2A

Segment 2B

Match 3 – Main Event – TBA


This is just a rough idea, signing up for a segment or match spot. More will be added / removed as needed. Again, ROUGH DRAFT EXAMPLE.


So partner up, and get something going. Obviously staff will be pitching ideas and doing what we can. This is your fed. Make it yours.


In Character Twitter for REDEFINE is @WeAreREDEFINEPW


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