Code of Honor

In Character Rules for REDEFINE Pro Wrestling

Match Rules (Mainly for writers)

– Matches are all contested with a 15 minute time limit, unless otherwise stated.

-Title matches are contested under a 30 Minute / Television Time Remaining Limit…unless otherwise stated

– Wrestlers MUST Shake Hands before and after a match, if they respect each other.

– The official has a 20 count on the floor, and a five count when a wrestler is in the ropes.

—Failure to return to the ring, before a 20 count will result in a Count Out

—Failure to break a hold after the ref’s five count, will result in disqualification

—excessive use of weapons will also result in a DQ. — basically, if your character is going to do a Van Daminator for example, you probably wont be DQ’d. If you’re going to beat him senselessly with a brick…yeah probably.

—outside interference will result in a DQ

– Tag Matches are contested under the same rules, but also under Lucha Libre Rules. There is still a 5 count rope break / 20 count on the floor. Lucha rules make it so if a wrestler leaves the ring, it constitutes a legal tag. Matches are designed this way to keep the action IN THE RING (and make match writers lives a little easier)



RP Based Fed, simple layout-because life gets in the way ALOT.




RP CYCLE will run from Monday Night (after the show goes up. Time may fluxuate) until 11:59PM Central Standard Time on Saturday Night. This gives me Sunday to prep the show.


Matches are scored on a 100 Point Scale (for simplicity sake.)

Creativity: (30)

Match Relevance: (30)

Overall Entertainment: (30)

Grammar & Puncutation (10)

We’re not grammar nazi’s here, but if you can’t string together a couple coherent paragraphs..well..that’s a problem.

Each RP will be graded as such, and the scores averaged. Here is a very, very, VERY, VERY, VERY crude example.:

John Cena:
RP 1: 75
RP 2: 50
RP 3: 100

Final Score:  75

David Flair:

RP 1: 100

RP 2: 10

RP 3: 76

Final Score: 62

Winner: John Cena


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